auto rickshaw
It seems like some auto-rickshaw drivers in Kerala have taken it upon themselves to make the situation a little better.Wikimedia Commons [Representational Image]

An autorickshaw driver was beaten to death allegedly by a mob that suspected him of being a thief in southwest Delhi's Uttam Nagar, police said on Sunday.

Two other men were also thrashed on the suspicion of being thieves. The two men had boarded the autorickshaw driven by victim Avinash Kumar on Saturday.

Subsequently, they asked Kumar to wait for them and got off while the autorickshaw driver went to urinate.

When he came back, he saw a crowd thrashing the men. The duo told the mob that Kumar was their leader, following which the crowd attacked him.

The duo had allegedly stolen batteries and kept them in Kumar's autorickshaw. One of the accused was nabbed, while the others were yet to be identified.