Yash with Sumalatha and Darshan
Yash with Sumalatha and DarshanTwitter

Challenging star Darshan and rocking star Yash, who are considered arch-rivals from Sandalwood, surprised many by bonding at the press meet of Sumalatha Ambareesh.

It is known that months after the death of rebel star Ambareesh, his wife Sumalatha is set to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Mandya. Her candidature has been creating a lot of buzz in the media some days now. Several speculations are made on whether she will contest on BJP or Congress ticket.

Sumalatha Ambareesh held a press meet on Monday to clear the air surrounding her. This conference witnessed the unity of the Kannada film industry with many celebs attending it. But what stuck the most to on this occasion was the bonding between Darshan and Yash, who kept aside their difference to show solidarity with Ambi mama's wife. They seem to be very cordial with each other.

What is common between Darshan and Yash is that the two were very close to Ambareesh, who stood by them in all their hard times. Addressing the media on this occasion, Yash said, "Many questions are asked on all the artistes gathering here. I would like to make it clear that we are not sitting here as artists, but as children of this house. I have been visiting this house even before entering films."

Yash added, "Darshan is senior to me and closer to this family than me. He is an elder son and he has enjoyed a lot of love. I am lucky that I am also considered as the younger son of this family. Today, Akka (sister) has taken a decision and we stand by her without questioning it. Ambareesh has shown a lot of love not just me, but many other artists. He may not be present with us here, but we still feel his love."

When Yash's comment on the ability of Sumalatha Ambareesh took an unwanted twist, Darshan took over the mike and "As amma (Sumalatha) said, we are the children of this house. Many questions are asked about the reason for this gathering. I would like to make it clear that this is not the first election I have been a part of. I have done two MLA and one MP election. I will continue to do it for my love for him."

Talking about his fans, Darshan said, "I will request all my fans to vote for her, but I will not force them. It is their right and wish and they can vote whoever they want."

Nikhil Kumaraswamy, who is also an actor from Sandalwood, is contesting against Sumalatha in Mandya. When asked about campaigning for him, Darshan said, "I can't campaign for two candidates in same constituency. I am not from a political party and I'm ready to do it for any friend. His brother Prajwal is a close friend. I'm ready to campaign for him in Haasan if he seeks my support."