Ambareesh and Sumalatha
Ambareesh and SumalathaFacebook/sumaambareesh

Kannada actress Sumalatha, who would have celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary with Ambareesh (Ambarish), has shared an emotional message and some rare pictures.

Sumalatha first met Ambareesh on the sets of Kannada film Aahuti in 1984 and she was very much attracted by his bold and rebellious attitude. The two became friends and they grew closer when they worked together in a movie in 1987. He proposed to her in 1989 and they entered wedlock on December 8, 1991. The two had a very meaningful satisfactory life together for 27 years.

Ambareesh breathed his last following a heart attack on November 24. She still struggles to get over the grief and their wedding anniversary has enhanced her feeling of loneliness. The actress, who is active on social media, took to her Facebook page to share some photos showing their fond memories. She also wrote a soul-stirring message and here are her comment and photos.

My dearest beloved A..

December 8th...for the 1st time in 27 years you are not beside me on this day..our day..

You were not just the center of my were my universe , the hand which held and balanced me , the heart which held this amazing love which could reach out to and touch millions , and rested in me, anchoring my heart & mind ..was it 27 years..feels like life began when you loved me , and shone when you smiled..nothing could ever mask the love you had for me , the love which kept me safe & protected against everything enveloping me like a warm blanket in the winter and a huge umbrella in sun & rain .

Wherever you are now..I know you will still look out for me , you will still worry for our son , you will still take care of us . I see your love reflecting in so many eyes around me , blessing me & Abi . I need your strength to calm and mend this broken heart now & carry on , need your grace to make sure we dont let you or your ideals down ever ..need your love so that I live ..I will go forward with the pride you inspire ..of having the privilege of sharing 27 years with this amazing lion-heart & extra-ordinary in a billion ....

be with me forever ,

Shine on us forever

Happy Anniversary