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Aquaman Jason Momoa has been a lot in limelight, courtesy his awesome avatar as the Aqua god in the Justice League trailer, and at the ongoing cinemacon. But the hot actor has fans drooling over his amazingly fit body as he strips down to show off his tattoos at a number of occasions.

The actor has gone under the needle many times, and has a collection of eccentric tattoos drawn on his body. But there is one particular tattoo that has always drawn attention in several scenes – the black and white triangles on his left arm. Just like his numerous followers, we too got curious to understand what it actually means.

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After a little digging, we found that the actor revealed the meaning of the tattoo back in 2013 to Fresh TV. It was when the hot Momoa was Khal Drago on Game of Thrones. The pattern is simple but it means more than mere design. The actor revealed that his tattoo is his Hawaiian family's crest, which is a nod to their guardian – the shark.

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"It's supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring in the light, but we're still working on that," the actor revealed. The tattoo is meant to offer protection whenever he enters the ocean. It will help sharks recognise him as one of their own. Now, isn't that an obvious sign that he was meant to be the Aqua God?

The information has enhanced our complete watching experience! While we wait to watch Momoa's Aquaman in action in Justice League and the solo movie, here's a look at all his tattoos. These could give you an idea for your next tattoo!

Tattooed his kids' signatures on his chest:

"Diablo" on his right middle finger in memory of a friend who passed away:

The tattoo roughly translates to "be always drunk."

Pride of Gypsies tattooed on his right arm, which is also his Instagram handle: