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Justice League trailer debuted over the weekend. And it was evident that Aquaman star Jason Momoa shone. Justice League will take fans to the Aquaman solo movie, scheduled for a Christmas release next year.

While we have been introduced to a number of videos and photos showing Aquaman preparing for his role, a new photo showing another cast member in the making has been released on Instagram.

Aquaman's Aqua Queen, Mera played by Amber Heard posted a picture during one of her training sessions.

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In the picture, the Aqua Queen was seen posing during a martial arts training class. Holding a sword in her hand, Heard reminded us of the video that made its way to the internet a few weeks ago, showing Momoa practicing a similar skill.

Heard will be seen joining Momoa in a number of action sequences in Aquaman thus she is in training mode before filming kicks off. A few weeks ago, Momoa was also seen polishing his sword skills for the Aquaman movie.

Wushu were here ---- Trainer: @lijing_wushu #Aquaman

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Heard made a brief appearance in the Justice League trailer released recently. Through a blink-and-miss scene, fans were got a good look at her costume. And honestly, we cannot wait to see more of the beautiful actress in action.

While her role will with limited in the Justice League, she will join Aquaman Momoa as the returning King of Atlantis in James Wan's Aquaman.

Apart from the Heard, Patrick Wilson is also making headlines. The actor who will be playing Aquaman's evil half-brother took to Twitter to defend the film's villain.

This all began when a story in The Hollywood Reporter summed up an overused formula. What is the formula – showcasing the henchmen more than the villain and creating the build-up to the villain's reveal. The opinion piece compared a few movies in the past and suggested that Justice League was doing the same.

Obviously after reading the piece, Aqua villain Wilson took to Twitter defending the upcoming Aqua God movie saying: "Not for long." The tweet implying that the new DC movie will not use the same tried-and-tested format and will give the viewers a different movie.

Does this mean that the Ocean Master will challenge the Aqua God right from the start of the movie? Unlike previous movies where the henchmen are defeated and then the villain faceoff happens, will he join his henchmen from the very beginning? We'll have to wait and watch.

While Justice League is set to release on November 17, 2017, the filming of Aquaman begins in May this year and is scheduled to release on December 21, 2018.