Apple had launched an affordable iPad with Pencil (stylus) compatibility -- a first for generic tablet series -- earlier this year. Now, the tech giant is tipped to bring the top-end iPad Pro (2018) for the upcoming fall event in September and rumour has it that the device will be borrowing a lot of features from the iPhone X.

As you would have guessed it by now, the new iPad Pro will be embracing the Face ID and ditch fingerprint sensor.  Like the previous editions, iPad Pro (2018) will be coming in two screen sizes -- 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch. The former comes with 247.5 mm high, 174.1 mm wide and 6.1 mm thickness while the latter is said to come in dimensions of 280 mm high, 215 mm wide and 6.4 mm thickness, Macotakara reported citing the Apple supplier-company insider.

It can be noted that the dimensions are smaller as compared to 2017-series, however, thanks to the space left vacant by the fingerprint sensor, Apple has extended functional display up to the edges. The new iPad Pros will be compact and yet offer the same delightful viewing experience with its True Tone display technology.

Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro models with fingerprint sensorApple

However, there is no word if the device will have an iPhone X-like notch or not. Rest assured, the device will have FullView screen with the high screen-to-body ratio.

With the advanced camera for FaceID, iPad Pro will also be supporting Animoji. The iMessaging will be more fun than before, as the iOS 12 will be bringing features to make animations even more expressive including tongue movements. The option can also create a personalised caricature of the user with a multitude of tools to adjust skin tone, hair colour, curly, smooth hair types and other functionalities.

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Apple iPhone X with a notch on top of the display. Will it come in new iPad Pro 2018 series, time will tell.KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

The Japanese tech blog also noted that the smart connector, which is usually found on the side to dock to the keyboard and help the user work on the iPad Pro in landscape mode, will be moved to the bottom, near the lightning port.

This would mean that the keyboard would have to be docked vertically to the iPad Pro and does not make any sense whatsoever. However, the source has said that the smart keyboard accessories will be designed to adjust to the new design and yet offer horizontal positioning for normal typing like the current model.

Wait, there's some bad news...

The iPad Pro (2018) will be losing the 3.5mm audio jack and as Apple said during the iPhone 7 series launch, wireless audio connectivity is the way forward. Be ready to shell out for AirPod or any cord-less earphones, if you haven't bought them yet.

It can, however, be noted that Macotakara's track record has been known for several hits and misses too, in terms of predicting Apple products. Hence, we urge our readers to take this report with a proverbial pinch of salt.

More news on Apple iPad Pro (2018) series is expected to surface in the coming days, as we near Apple's annual product event in September.

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