Cupertino-based technology giant Apple has filed an intriguing patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that might one day revolutionise wireless charging for mobiles and laptops.

Though Apple was late to join the wireless mobile charging bandwagon, it will soon be making a leap ahead of rivals by enabling large consumer electronics such as MacBooks or the iPads to power up iPhones without the cords.

In the patent, the company has illustrated that they can incorporate coils for certain points such as the display of an iPad or multiple points in the free space available below of the keyboard to wirelessly transmit power to the iPhone.

Apple wireless charging
Apple is working on a truly wireless charging solution for its future devices.Apple

We are not sure when this feature will turn into reality, but it is surely a brilliant idea to make the iPhone charging less cumbersome. This feature will be particularly appreciated by travellers as this will help reduce the load on the baggage to carry around multiple cables, which most often times gets inter-twined and becomes a pain to untangle. People also need not buy additional power banks or the expensive wireless charging pods.

Apple, wireless charging, MacBook, iPads, iPhones.
Future Apple iPhones will be able to get charged up just by keep it on top of iPads and MacBooksApple Patent filed USPTO office/screen-grab
Future Apple iPhones will be able to get charged up just by keep it on top of iPads and MacBooksApple Patent filed USTPO office/screen-grab

It can be noted that Apple's very own AirPower, which was unveiled along with the company's first wireless charging-enabled iPhone 8 and iPhone X series is yet to be released in the market.

In the patent, Apple also added that the future iPhones, MacBooks and iPads will have advanced coils wherein, depending on the condition, the charging can be reversible. For instance, if the iPhone is sufficiently charged, but the iPad battery is low and some urgent work needs to be done, the user will be able to transmit the power from the former to the latter. In other circumstances, users can charge the iPhone from the iPad.

Apple wireless charging
You may be able to charge your future iPhone wirelessly from across the room.Apple

The current Apple products such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, however, come with coils which can only receive the power and cannot charge the future products.

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