Apple has commenced rolling out the new iOS 12 mobile software update to all the eligible iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

In addition to performances improvements and security patches, the new iOS 12 comes with lots of new features including Screen Time to curb addiction to social media sites on mobiles, Siri shortcuts, intuitive Photo Share option, group FaceTime (up to 32 people), new Animoji faces, Memoji for iPhone X (review) and several more.

Depending on the models, the new iOS 12 comes in varied sizes from 1.37GB for iPhone 6 to 1.65GB for iPhone X. Make sure, there is enough space in your iPhone storage before initiating the installation procedure.

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Depending on the models, the new iOS 12 comes in varied sizes from 1.37GB for iPhone 6 to 1.65GB for iPhone X.KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

Here's how to install iOS 12 update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod:

Via OTA (Over-The-Air):

  • 1. Settings >> General >> Software update
  • [Tip: Users' who want to install the update directly on the device via OTA, make sure to clear enough device storage space and also make sure the device has more than 50% battery life, before downloading the new OS firmware]

via iTunes

1. Back up your iPhone or iPad with either iCloud or via iTunes.

2. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

3. Make sure you're on the latest version of iTunes. Go to About and then Check for Updates or visit

4. Plug in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it isn't already.

5. Click on iPhone, iPad, or iPod in the top left navigation.

6. Click on the Check for Update button in the first section that contains information about your device and alternately you can click restore instead if you'd like to do a clean wipe with updated software.

7. An update should be recognised, click on Download and Update in the popup menu and agree to any terms or conditions.

8. Unlock your device with your passcode if prompted in order to continue with the upgrade.

List of Apple devices eligible for Apple iOS 12 update:

Apple device category iPhones iPads iPod Touch
Device versions eligible for iOS 12 update iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X iPad mini (2 Gen), iPad mini (3 Gen), iPad Mini (4 Gen), iPad (6th Gen), iPad (5th Gen), iPad Air (1st Gen), iPad Air (2nd Gen), iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen), iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen), iPad Pro 10.5 inch (1St Gen), iPad Pro 9.7-inch (1st Gen) iPod Touch (6th Gen)

Apple iOS 12: Key features you should know

iOS 12
Various features of iOs 12 are aimed at making the user experience

Performance improvements:

Apple's new iOS 12 has been optimised to make the iPhones and iPads to perform faster than before. Once upgraded to the new software, apps will load 40 percent faster, the camera launches 70 percent quicker and the keyboard will open 50 percent faster.

Privacy and security:

After the fallout of Cambridge Analytica scandal in early 2018, technology majors Google, Facebook, Apple and other several technology companies announced to make their services compliant to European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act to safeguard user data in social media websites and mobile apps. Now, the Cupertino-based company is gone a step further to secure their loyal users' privacy. The company has incorporated enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in the Safari browser to block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without permission.

Also, Safari now comes with simplified system information prevents a data-mining company or social media platform track users based on their system configuration.

Furthermore, Safari will automatically create, auto-fills and stores strong passwords when users create new online accounts and flags reused passwords so users can change them.

Group FaceTime: After upgrading to the iOS 12, Apple device owners can do Group FaceTime, chatting with up to 32 people at the same time. Also, participants can be added at any time or join later if the conversation is still active and choose to join using video or audio from an iPhone, iPad or Mac — or even participate using FaceTime audio from Apple Watch. [Note: Though this feature was announced during the iOS 12 presentation at the WWDC 2018 in June, it is expected to come in iOS 12.1 update]

Apple, iOS 12,
Apple iOS 12 will now allow Group FaceTime with up to 32 people in the video chat applicationApple India Press Kit

Siri Shortcuts: This is one of the new features introduced for the first time to the Apple devices. With the new iOS 12, virtual assistant Siri will be able to deliver a new, much faster way to get things done with the ability for apps to work with just the voice commands.

Apple, iOS 12, Shortcuts, Siri
With Siri Shorcuts, users can simply use voice commands to trigger a task to perform series of actions from different apps that can be carried out on the device.Apple India Press Kit

He or she can even customise Shortcuts by creating a simple voice command to trigger a task or download the new Shortcuts app to create a series of actions from different apps that can be carried out with a simple tap or customised voice command.

Also, Siri translation expands to more than 40 language pairs and brings more knowledge of sports, celebrities, food and nutrition. With improved machine learning algorithm Siri will now be able to bring out favourite photos by person, place, event, time and topic.

Screen Time:

This iOS 12 feature will help individuals track their activities on their phone with details of most used apps and time spent on it so that they can limit their usage over time. Also, it offers parents to control screen time of their children on Apple devices. They can set the timer for particular apps or the screen time of the device and once it hits zero, the device's screen turns off. So, children can go to sleep or study for that matter.

Apple, iOS 12, Screen Time, Activity Reports
Screen Time creates detailed daily and weekly Activity Reports that show the total time a person spends in each app they use.Apple India Press Kit

New Notifications options:

Apple fans have been waiting for this feature for several years and the long wait finally ends with the iOS 12. Apple is offering more options in iOS 12 on controlling how notifications are delivered. They can instantly manage notifications to be delivered quietly or turned off completely. Most importantly, grouped notifications make it easier to view and manage multiple notifications at once.

Also, the Do Not Disturb option in the Bedtime feature helps people get a better night's sleep. Once activated, the devices' display gets dimmed and hides all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning.

New Photo share:

Apple iOS 12 brings a 'For You' tab to place favourite moments in under one roof, combining Memories and iCloud Shared Albums. This new sharing suggestions options also come with a new prompt feature that tells the device and their friends (provided they have Apple device), share back any photos and videos they have from the same trip or event.

Apple, iOS 12, Photo Sharing
Apple Photo sharing feature brings a 'For You' tab to place all the favourite moments in under one roof, combining Memories and iCloud Shared AlbumsApple India Press Kit

Search suggestions surface the most relevant Events, People, Places, Groups, Categories and recent searches, and new search functionality lets users combine multiple search terms to find just the right photos.  

Apple Books replaces iBooks: It comes with dedicated The Book Store tab. It is similar to the Apple App store, but the only difference is that former offers users to buy the books. To make the purchase easy and also find good books, it offers dedicated tabs such as Top Charts, Staff Picks, Editorial Collections, and Special Offers and Free.

Apple Books, iBooks, Reading Now, The Book Store
The new Apple Book comes with several new features including Audiobooks, The Library, Reading Now and more.Apple India Press Kit

It also comes with a dedicated Audiobooks tab, which makes iPhones and iPads to read out the books to the users. If you happen to own a car with Apple CarPlay interface, you can listen to the book, while you focus on the driving.

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Memoji: One of the key features of the iPhone X that made fans swoon was the Animoji. It even intimidated rival brands to copy and launch their own version, which never matched to the standard of the Apple. Now, the company is bringing cool interactive feature Memoji, which allows iPhone X owners to create a custom caricature of their self. With iPhone X's advanced front camera, Memoji and even Animoji accurately detects the users' winks and tongue to capture to offer personalised expressions and send them across to friends and family on the iMessage app.

Apple, iOS 12, Memoji
Apple Memoji feature offers user create a caricature of themselves and share them on messaging app.Apple India Press Kit

Also, Apple expanded Animoji portfolio with the ghost, koala, tiger and T. rex.

Apple, iOS 12, WWDC 2108,
With iPhone X's advanced front camera, Memoji and even Animoji accurately detects the users' winks and tongue to capture to offer personalised expressionsApple India Press Kit

The company also brought in new camera effects bringing filters, text and stickers to messages and FaceTime. The new filters like comic book and watercolour add personality to photos and videos, new labels and shapes let users add captions and titles to highlight parts of an image, and stickers can be placed using iMessage sticker packs, the company said.

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