Chunky Pandey has made a hilarious statement on the anti-nepotism attack on his daughter Ananya Pandey, saying that he sees the positive sides in the negative response for the teaser of Khaali Peeli.

Bollywood star kids have been facing severe criticism, trolling and harassment on social media after Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide. Weeks after the trailer of Alia Bhatt's Sadak 2, the teaser of Khaali Peeli starring Chunky Pandey's daughter Ananya has become a victim of an anti-nepotism gang, who kept disliking the video, making next most disliked video after of the trailer of Sadak 2.

Ananya pandey
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Zee Studios released the teaser of Khaali Peeli on its YouTube channel on August 23. The video shows that the movie will have a good story and performance by Ananya Pandey and Ishan Khattar. But it has received 4.69 million views, 111,000 likes and 1.2 million dislikes, an act of the anti-nepotism gang.

Chunky Pandey spoke about nepotism in an interview with Anupama Chopra of Film Companion. The actor, who is struggling to get good offers, said that he feels proud to be called a star. He said, "First of all I'm glad they are calling her a star-kid so that makes me a big star. I'm seeing the positive sides to it.

Chunky Pandey added, "I keep telling her 'You know exactly how you got here,' and Ananya, I always wanted her to be a doctor. Both my parents were doctors and I also tried but couldn't become one. At the age of 15, she told me 'Dad, I want to get into movies,' so I asked her to finish her graduation first."

Khaali Peeli teaser
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The senior Bollywood actor also clarified that his daughter Ananya got her first film Student of the Year 2 not because of his recommendation but solely with her talent. Chunky Pande said, "Before going to college in Los Angeles, she auditioned for Student of the Year 2 and she did a couple of auditions. I just asked her 'What do you want to do?,' to which she replied, 'Dad, I really want to do this film'."

Chunky Pandey tasted success at the beginning of his career, but couldn't make it big in B-Town as he struggled to get good roles. He said, "I only chose multi-starrer films as they were working for me. And then came a time after 1993-1994 that multi-starrer films stopped being made. They just went on to solo heroes, it's like musical chairs happening and suddenly the music stops and I don't have a chair to sit on, so I was literally out of work."