black triangle
YouTube: Secureteam10

Conspiracy theorists all around the world strongly believe that UFO sightings are the concrete evidence of alien existence.

Last year, Pentagon admitted that they conducted a secret UFO investigation program named AATIP (Advanced Arial Threat Identification Program) to unveil the mysteries surrounding unidentified flying object sightings. Even though the project was scrapped around six years ago, several conspiracy theorists argue that the project is still on, and the United States secret forces are still on the hunt to unravel the real truth behind these unknown flying objects.

In 2018 too, several UFO sightings were reported from various parts of the globe. Upon closer analysis, many UFO videos released by conspiracy theorists seem fabricated, but there are a handful of reports which still remain unanswered by experts.

Here, we present the list of five UFO sightings happened in 2018, that continue to perplex conspiracy theorists and space experts alike.

The Ireland UFO incident

On November 9, a British Airways pilot contacted the Shannon air traffic control and reported seeing a UFO flying above the skies of Ireland. The British pilot also asked whether there were any military exercises going on in Ireland on the same day. However, authorities clarified that there were no such exercises organized on November 9.

During the time of the UFO sighting, the flight was traveling from Montreal to Heathrow. The pilot revealed that UFO initially came up along the left side of the airplane, and later traveled to the north in skyrocketing speed.

Soon after the UFO sighting, the Irish Aviation Authority kickstarted an investigation, and the probe is still going on.

In the meantime, some space experts suggested that the UFO spotted in the skies could be a meteor. However, alien enthusiasts believe that a change in trajectory is not a characteristic often showed by meteors.

The return of the black triangle

Triangle-shaped UFOs are very popular among conspiracy theorists for years. In 2018 too, these black triangles made a return, and the eerie video was released by popular extraterrestrial researcher Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10'.

In a video uploaded with the title, 'CHECK THE SKY: The Silent Triangles Are Back', a triangle-shaped flying object can be seen hovering in the skies above Pennsylvania. Glockner suggested that the bizarre object spotted in the skies could be either alien vessels from deep space or secretive military vehicles like TR-3B.

Conspiracy theorists believe that TR-3B is a reverse-engineered anti-gravity military vessels developed by the United States Air Force during the cold war. As per these theorists, the US forces had built this spacecraft with the help of aliens whom they detained in Area 51.

The Green UFO spotted above the surface of Jupiter

This is perhaps the most perplexing UFO reporting which happened in 2018. The green UFO was initially spotted by conspiracy theorists after analyzing an image of Jupiter released by NASA. At first glance, the image seems pretty normal, but upon closer analysis, a green structure was seen hovering above the surface of Jupiter.

International Business Times, India too checked that image, and we were also literally shocked to see a giant green structure above the giant planet's surface.

However, experts dismissed the UFO angle and suggested that the bizarre green structure could be the result of an image sensor anomaly.

Strange UFO landing marks in Argentina

This incident is not exactly a UFO sighting but can be considered as an indication of extraterrestrial arrival on earth. The bizarre marks were initially spotted by a man named Rodrigo in Moquehue, a small Argentinian village.

The prints were apparently left by a flying vehicle in snow, and interestingly, there were no footprints surrounding the snow.

TV news anchor spots UFO during live show

A few months back, anchors of c5n news channel in Argentina were busy hosting program with a clear Buenos Aires sky in the background. Surprisingly, the news anchor spotted a metallic object in the skies, and she was literally shocked to see the object climbing up in the atmosphere.

The video soon went viral on the internet, and it made many conspiracy theorists believe that alien life is a reality.