Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is a US-based non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study reported UFO sightings. The organization has apparently studied several UFO sightings that happened all across the world, and several members in this group strongly believe that alien existence on earth is real. And now, MUFON researcher Chris Jones has claimed that alien abduction stories shared by people from different parts of the world could be real. 

Are alien abduction stories real?

Several people from various parts of the globe had claimed to have abducted by aliens in flying saucers. Even though most of these stories are widely considered planned hoaxes, Jones strongly believes that these stories could be real. 

UFO alien
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Sky News Daily podcast host Dermot Murnaghan asked Jones whether he believes in alien abduction stories, and the researcher quickly replied, "I do." 

"I think after seeing the stories and the testimony over years there's a very big commonality between the cases. It definitely warrants the interest and investigation we give it, just as much as a UFO sighting because there definitely is something to this phenomenon," said Jones, Daily Star reports. 

The researcher also made it clear that an advanced alien species could be living here on earth. 

"The amount of sightings and witnesses and experiences around the world point to the high probability that we do have species other than humans from beyond this earth interacting with the population of this planet," asserted Jones. 

Pentagon's UFO report

The recent uptick in UFO news is triggered by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) report recently released by the Pentagon. In the report, the Pentagon admitted that there are more than 144 accounted UFO sightings, and they are not capable to explain most of these flying object sightings. 

The report also noted that several UFOs spotted in the skies exhibited advanced flying capabilities. The Pentagon report neither admitted nor ruled out alien existence. 

Adding up to the mysteries associated with UFOs, former American president Barack Obama had recently claimed that it is very difficult to predict the trajectories of these flying objects. He also made it clear that a possible alien invasion that may happen in the future will result in the rise of new religions.