It was in late 2017 that scientists discovered Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object that reached the solar system. The weird space object has been perplexing space experts since then, and the main reason is its mysterious trajectory. Soon after the discovery of Oumuamua, Avi Loeb, a top physicist at the Harvard University had claimed that this space object could be an alien probe. And now, at a time when the Pentagon has released its report on the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), Loeb has suggested that the UFOs that perplexed US Navy officials could be most probably sent to earth by Oumuamua. 

Is Oumuamua an alien listening device? 

Loeb, who is already a controversial figure in the world of science claimed that Oumuamua could be most probably an alien listening device developed by an advanced alien civilization. According to Loeb, Oumuamua could have sent sensors to monitor human activities, and these objects could be the unidentified flying objects that perplexed US military officers. Loeb also made it clear that his new theory is based on a purely imaginative line of reasoning. 

Oumuamua alien
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"The tumbling motion of 'Oumuamua could potentially have been meant to scan signals from all viewing directions. A predecessor to 'Oumuamua could have been a craft that deposited small probes into the Earth's atmosphere without being noticed, because it visited before Pan-STARRS started its operations. Along this imaginative line of reasoning, 'Oumuamua could have arranged to appear as coming from the neutral local standard of rest, which serves as the local "galactic parking lot," so that its origin would remain unknown," wrote Loeb in a recent article in the Scientific American

Pentagon's UFO report: All you need to know

Pentagon has been trying to unveil the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings for several years, as the defense department considers these sightings a threat to national security. In the recently released report, the defense department admitted that more than 140 documented cases of UFO sightings have happened, and out of this long list, they could give an explanation to only one event. 

In the UFO report, the Pentagon neither confirmed nor denied the role of alleged aliens behind the sightings of unidentified flying objects. However, the defense department admitted that these UFOs have advanced flying capabilities.