It was on June 25, 2021, that the Pentagon released the much-anticipated UFO report. The report that talked about unidentified aerial phenomenon admitted that unknown flying vessels are real. The mindblowing revelation also claimed that some of these flying vessels had advanced capabilities. However, the UFO report neither admitted nor denied the role of aliens behind these events. And now, UFO researcher and Virginia Tech professor Bob McGwier has shockingly claimed that the full classified report which was shared with the National Security Council and Congress was far more detailed and deep. 

Original UFO report was like a sci-fi movie

McGwier revealed that the UFO report originally had 14 videos, and it was a detailed record of 70 pages. 

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"There were 70 pages and 14 videos, they got to see the good stuff. There was a full classified report and 14 videos. I know several people who were in the national security council meeting and the best comment I heard was 'what we had was 40 minutes of science fiction movies, we were all gobsmacked. It's ridiculously slim. Everything they could redact they did but the committees and the White House – they saw the works," said McGwier on Spaced Out Radio, Daily Star reports

Jeremy Corbell's mindblowing revelation about UFO report

After the release of Pentagon's UFO report, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell had also shared similar views. Corbell revealed that the Pentagon is in possession of more UFO videos. 

It should be noted that Corbell had recently released two mind-blowing UFO clips that showed unknown flying objects hovering above the oceans. In the first video, a triangular-shaped UFO can be seen hovering above USS Russell, and in the second clip, a spherical flying vessel was seen plunging into the ocean. 

As authentic UFO clips continue to surface online, several people believe that an alien disclosure is imminent, and these are the inevitable steps before the ultimate revelation.