The term 'UFO' which means 'unidentified flying object' has been confined to the spaces of conspiracy theorists for several years. But post-2017, UFO became a popular topic among the general public, as the Pentagon acknowledged to have carried out a secretive mission to unravel the mysteries surrounding unknown flying object sightings, which the defense department calls 'unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP). Interestingly, most of the UFO sightings which experts call genuine had happened above oceans, and it has made several people believe that an advanced alien species could be living in the waters. 

Mindblowing revelation of former the Soviet Union commander-in-chief

Former Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin shared his UFO experience during an interview with Khaled Al-Rushd for RT Arabic. During the talk, Chernavin detailed several UFO experiences and claimed that Soviet submarines were attacked by flying saucers in the 1940s. 

alien UFO
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Chernavin also claimed that hundreds of UFO encounters have happened in the past, and made it clear that he himself has witnessed unidentified flying objects. 

"There have been hundreds of such reports. I saw this phenomenon, including when I was captain of the submarine during our time in the Atlantic and the Caribbean, I clearly saw a flying object over one of our Soviet positions appearing in various forms, but mainly in the form of a round hat. It was especially glowing, this light was changing, but the dish was moving at a tremendous speed, then it would stay hovering in one place and disappear immediately to appear in another place, and then dive into the water and disappear from view, and after a while, it came out of the water but in another way, we were watching like this phenomena, as I saw it, the extraordinary phenomena cannot be ignored," said Chernavin. 

UFOs coming from oceans

A few days back, Gary Heseltine, who is now the vice president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) told the Sun that recent UFO footages hint at the fact that these flying objects are coming from oceans. He also suggested that there could be alien bases on the ocean floor. 

"UFOs are often seen coming in and out of the water so suspect that in our deepest oceans and trenches we may well have alien bases. That sounds crazy but if you think about it we only know 5% of the ocean, we know more about the surface of the moon or Mars than our own oceans. So that would seem to me why UFOs are seen regularly coming in and out of the water," said Heseltine.