Comedian Ali and Pawan Kalyan
Comedian Ali and Pawan KalyanFacebook

Comedy actor Ali, who is campaigning for YSR Congress Party (YCP), has hit back at Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan and asked him a series of questions over his comment made in Rajahmundry.

On Monday, Pawan Kalyan had made some allegations against Ali during his campaigning for Jana Sena Party in Rajahmundry. The comedy actor has been a close friend of the power star, who has a special place in his heart. He was deeply hurt by the latter's words and he released a video message to hit back at him.

Ali was Pawan Kalyan's remarks and he released a video message to hit back at him. In the clip, the comedian is seen saying, "This evening, Pawan Kalyan made a comment about me in Rajahmundry. It is the place, where I was born and brought up. I started a trust in the name of my father to do something for my birth pace and I have been serving the people of Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities."

Ali went on to reveal his intention behind the video message. He said, "Pawan Kalyan mightn't have thought of talking about me at that moment. I am sure that people standing beside him advised making a comment about me. They might have said that his remark would make an impact because it is his area. I couldn't have sent this video message if you had made this comment in any other district."

Ali said that he is a self-made, unlike the power star. He said, "You made it big with Chiranjeevi's support, but I am a self-made man. I've no background support. I travelled from Rajahmundry to Chennai in search of livelihood. Chennai gave me a life and I reached my current position with a lot of hard work. Some people have come to me for their benefit, but I have never gone to anyone with that intention."

The comedian said that he is hurt by Pawan Kalyan's unnecessary comments. He added, "I have toured several constituencies to campaign for YSRCP, but I didn't mention a single word about him or Jana Sena Party in any of those areas. The reason is that I have told in past and telling you the same now also that you always stay in my heart."

Pawan Kalyan said that he was an ATM for Ali. Talking about it, the comedian asked, "I would like to remind you that I was among the people, who came first to your office when you launched the party. I wished success to your party and I gave you the Quran. You said that you helped me. What did you help me? Did you give me money? Did you give me any film offers when I was struggling to get them?"

Ali denied taking help from Pawan Kalyan. The actor added, "I was in a good position before you entered the film industry. I have never come to you, asking for film offers. There is no need for it and God has given me everything. Even if I face a tough time, I will never come to you and you know about it."

Pawan Kalyan questioned Ali campaigning for the YCP. Taking about it, Ali said, "I never say a word to hurt anyone. But your words uttered in Rajahmundry have hurt me deeply. What is wrong in me joining YCP? Don't have a stature? Should I not join a party and campaign for it? If I made a comment about you during the campaign, you have every right to make one about me. But I am feeling very bad your remarks."

Ali added, "You said that you have given a ticket to my brother. Did I come to you asking for it? or Did you tell me about it, before giving it? You didn't tell me. I have single maintained single phone number for 10 years and you have this no with you. Did you every call me and invite me to your party? When you didn't do it, why are you making such comments?"

In conclusion, Ali said, "I am hurt and I am sorry." He ended the video message, by showing a video from a recent function where he showed his love and respect for Pawan Kalyan, when the latter's fans interrupted his speech.

Watch Pawan Kalyan's speech in Rajahmundry and Ali's response to him