The phenomenon of death has been perplexing humans since the day the species acquired consciousness. Even though medical experts consider death to be the end of human life, spiritualists strongly disagree, and they claim that human beings will continue their life in a different realm after taking their last breath.

Adding up the heat to this seemingly unbelievable theory, a woman who goes by the name Star has shared her mindblowing near-death experience (NDE) testimonial, where she claims to have seen God during her final moments. 

Woman's near-death experience testimonial baffles people

Following an unexpected attack faced by Star, she temporarily died for some time, and it was during these moments that she witnessed heavenly entities that she believes could be God. 

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"A pure, brilliant light engulfed me and I no longer had a physical body. But, I still existed? I had no eyes to see but I looked at everything around me. I was in the center of vast nothingness, but the nothingness was not empty. It was completely filled with the presence of the living God. There are no words in the English language to describe where I was. I was in the middle of the Glory. Then the Lord wrapped me in His Love and held me to His breast. I was filled to every fibre of my being with His peace that passes all understanding. I felt the love He had for me," wrote Star on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website

Star not scared of death

Star, in her testimonial, claimed that she is now not scared of death. "I was no longer afraid. I had faced death and all fear was gone," added the NDE victim. 

The testimonial shared by Star has now gone viral, and it has made many believe that life after death could be real. According to medical experts, hallucinations during the time of near-death experience are the result of the survival trick adopted by the human brain to combat the shortening supply of oxygen.