Humans have been trying to decode the mystery of death since the day the species achieved consciousness. Even though medical experts consider death as the end of everything, spiritualists strongly argue that humans used to continue their life in a different realm after taking the last breath.

To substantiate their claims, spiritualists often cite testimonials shared by people who have faced near-death experiences (NDE) where people claim to have seen unbelievable visuals, that includes the classic tunnel with a bright light at the end.

Unusual near-death experience faced by John

And now, a near-death experience testimonial shared by a man named John has gone viral on online spaces. In the testimonial written on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website, John claimed to have felt ultimate euphoria while he was on the verge of death.


John revealed that he reached a meadow-like realm, and added that he felt immense joy and relief.

"I was just suddenly 'there'. I only had a brief moment in time to appreciate where 'there' was. It seemed to be a beautiful place. There is a haze or blur to my memory. I felt that I was outdoors in sunlight but it was not hot. I was so comfortable and would have been more than willing to have remained right there. My body may have been unconscious but my mind was very much sensing this new and wonderful environment. If it was a dream, it was unlike any dream that I have ever had," wrote John on the NDERF website.

John also added that he wished to return to this beautiful place once he dies forever. The NDE victim made it clear that his thoughts became clearer during those magical moments.

Afterlife real or not

The testimonial shared by John has made many people believe that life after death could be real. However, medical experts assure that these vivid visuals are the result of a surge in brain activity. According to healthcare experts, during times of life-threatening events, the human brain used to face a shortage of oxygen supply. To combat the reduced supply of oxygen, the human brain will adopt a survival trick which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.