The myths surrounding death and the existence of ghosts have been baffling humans for ages. Even though medical experts consider death to be the end of human life, citing religious textbooks, spiritualists claim that the human soul will be shifted to a different realm after death. Adding up the heat to this unbelievable theory, a female doctor known only as Sahar S to preserve her anonymity, has shared her near-death experience (NDE).

Death entirely pleasant and surreal

In her NDE testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Sahar claimed that death is an entirely pleasant and surreal experience. Sahar experienced these moments when she died clinically for some moments while giving birth to her baby.


"My second son was about to be born. We went to the hospital and the staff prepared me for surgery with a spinal injection. Shortly thereafter, I had trouble breathing so I told the anaesthesiologist standing beside my bed. He said that this would get better after he put the oxygen mask on my mouth," wrote Sahar on the NDERF website.

Sahar added that she witnessed an unearthly realm during these moments. The doctor claimed that her near-death experience was very different from anything humans have seen on earth.

"I was sitting on a chair or a bench, waiting for my turn. There were many people standing in line who were wearing grey suits and others who were wearing dresses. I couldn't see their faces or even see if they were men or women. The ground was covered with green grass. But the color of green is hard to explain because I had never seen it before," added Sahar.

Witnessing the magic jungle

Sahar claimed that she saw a magic jungle during these moments, and added that several people were waiting to enter that realm.

"It was more like a magic jungle. I felt so good and wanted to go there. I went to the check-in counter to find out why I hadn't been called for such a long time. I asked, 'Why don't you let me in?' The man in front of me said, 'Look at all these people that have been standing here for hours. It is not your turn yet. Go, sit down, and they will call you," wrote Sahar.

As the testimonial shared by Sahar went viral on online spaces, several netizens started claiming that the phenomenon of life after death could be real. However, medical experts assure that death is the end of everything. According to medical experts, the survival trick adopted by the human brain during life-threatening events is resulting in these visual hallucinations.