Director PS Mithran's Telugu movie Abhimanyudu starring Vishal, Samantha Akkineni and Arjun in prominent roles, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Abhimanyudu is a dubbed version of the Tamil action thriller Irumbu Thirai, which was recently released and has become hit at the box office. The movie is released in the Telugu states to cash in on the popularity of actor-cum-producer Vishal. The film has got a U certificate from the censor board and its has a runtime of 2.41 hours.

Abhimanyudu movie story: The movie is about an army officer (Vishal), who suffers from his bad temper. He lands in a problem a master hacker (Arjun), when he tries to expose the crime of data stealing. How is Arjun misusing date to make money? How does Vishal fight against him? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Analysis: PS Mithran has chosen an interesting concept of cybercrime, which is very relevant at the moment as the issues of Aadhaar Card and Facebook-Cambridge Analytica are the talk of the town. The director has been successful in executing this theme on screen in an engaging and entertaining, say the audience

Performances: Vishal and Arjun have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Abhimanyudu. Samantha has no much scope for acting and she impresses you with her glamour and chemistry with hero. Delhi Ganesh, Sreeja Ravi, Robo Shankar, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Suman, Vincent Asokan and Kaali Venkat have done justice to their roles and they are also assets, say the viewers.

Technical: Bankrolled by Vishal, Abhimanyudu boasts of rich production values. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, George C Williams' cinematography, visual effects, action choreography and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the audience.

Abhimanyudu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience's response.

Siddhu Manchikanti✍‏ @TravelwithSid

Director PS Mithran has some exceptional story telling skills . The movie #Abhimanyudu conveyed some contemporary idea into our minds. Who ever watches the film they will rethink about the smart phones they are using.. GO FOR IT this Weekend !!

Vinay‏ @Coolest_Vinay

#Abhimanyudu 1st half Super Sentiment Thrilling episodes Sam tho session track Super #Abhimanyudu 1st half - sentiment + Sam love track + intervel 2nd half - About Digital world + Arjun + screenplay Perfect movie BRILLIANT

Bittuuu!‏ @tharungstars

A Brilliant Cyber Thriller @VishalKOfficial @ssarja r Perfect in their roles Another Summer Hit for @Samanthaprabhu2 Credits to Director @Psmithran Good to see Vishal doing something differently & bagging back 2 back hits Don't Miss it - #Abhimanyudu

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Abhimanyudu: A film about about cyber-mafia. Despite implausible plotline and slack in the initial portions, it holds the interest thanks to Arjun.

A V A D‏ @avadsays

.. @VishalKOfficial #Abhimanyudu has some very gripping moments in the second half. Absolutely loved @akarjunofficial role. he was terrific. @Samanthaprabhu2 was beautiful in that Indian attire. Overall a decent watch this weekend. My review

Murugan Nenu Yavarini Yerugan‏ @yerugan

#Abhimanyudu whate movie sir it's gripping narration and fabulous dop super direction morever it's lesson for people who gives there's personal data .Avery one to scared after seen this movie how v giving our data to third-party people @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 #Abhimanyudu and I forget @akarjunofficial terrible performance by u sir great body language and ur dubbing gave gosboms

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#Abhimanyudu Movie Review : Gripping Crime Drama @VishalKOfficial is Superb , #Arjun Steals the show , Concept , Second half is Good with Interesting proceedings Average First half , Slightly Slow pace Overall Well Executed Crime Drama - 3.25/5 #AbhimanyuduFromToday

S A T H V I K‏ @SathvikM9999

Ok 1st half, Interesting interval bang #Abhimanyudu Good 2nd half, Screenplay Weak..Worth Watch #Abhimanyudu

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Half way through #Abhimanyudu Gripping so far.Director cleverly took us into the main story.@VishalKOfficial excellent as aggressive army officer. @Samanthaprabhu2 looks gorgeous.Superb interval block. #Abhimanyudu is an engaging & riveting techno thriller.Perfectly Dealt with misuse of digital technology.I strongly recomand everyone to watch it Commendable job by debutant @Psmithran.Handled as an expert @VishalKOfficial did fantastic job so is @akarjunofficial.Must watch #Abhimanyudu : @Samanthaprabhu2 shines in a psychiatrist role and looked very beautiful.The best look of her in recent times. Technically top notch too.@george_dop's cinematography,@thisisysr's BGM are big assets. One of the unique concept films of this year.Totally Loved.

Prasadam Raghu @RaghuStarMaa

#Abhimanyudu is a technothriller Its about the digital insecurities, online frauds and the big data crimes. The director has put tremendous efforts and did a lot of research. Real eye opener about online fraud..Team work Must watch.. @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2

Vamsi Kaka @vamsikaka

#Abhimanyudu first half is good & engaging. Full credits to Director Mithran & his team. #Abhimanyudu is a perfect Crime Drama with good performances from Vishal, Samantha & Arjun. A decent summer entertainer. @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2

VamsiShekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#Abhimanyudu: An engaging cyber crime thriller. Worth definitely a watch. @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 @Psmithran @thisisysr...White devil is a real devilish performance @akarjunofficial.@Samanthaprabhu2 plays a crucial role. Does a commendable job with her subtle performance #Abhimanyudu

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak

#Abhimanyudu is an Out and Out Arjun Show. Unnecessary commercial elements are a bore. A decent movie which could have been a lot better if stayed true to the script.

Vishnu Thej Putta‏ @VishnuThejPutta

#Abhimanyudu narrates about the digital insecurity and the big data crisis. Most informative film in the recent times and a real eye opener about online fraud! @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 .@Samanthaprabhu2 as Dr.Latha Devi, a psychologist comes up with interesting role and nails it with her performance. #Abhimanyudu

Phani Kandukuri‏ @buduggadu

Done wid the fabulous film #Abhimanyudu I bet who ever watches the film will re-think about the smart phone they r using.. @Psmithran delivered contemporary thing.. he is having superb story telling skills for sure.. kudos to @VishalKOfficial for doing these kind of films

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

Heroism and hacking seems to be blending only when the villain turns a mere puppet and plot illogical. While known Abhimanyu bravely fought. This #Abhimanyudu labored through the runtime...

Chaitanya Somavajhala‏ @ChaitanSrk

These tamil dubbed movies are just getting better and better by the day. Such a gripping narration and amazing screenplay. First half done. Surely another biggie at the box office. #Abhimanyudu #Irumbuthirai

sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#Abhimanyudu has a too good concept. Arjun nailed it. Vishal and Sam too did well. Very interesting watch ✌️

UgThisEid‏ @cinema_babu

#Abhimanyudu is a watchable flick on Cyber Crime though Screenplay could have been better !!

Sateesh Botta‏ @bkrsatish

#Abhimanyudu nice attempt. @VishalKOfficial and #Arjun performances are good

Akash Ane Nenu‏ @akashraju98

#Abhimanyudu is a commercial film with fantastic message. This is one of the best movie in recent times. @Samanthaprabhu2 job is scoring back to back blockbusters and it's a hat trick film for you in this year. You nailed in your role. @VishalKOfficial Your acting is simply.

ANJI ane NENU‏ @Anji_official7

Watched #Abhimanyudu Premier show last night along with Celebrities&Media..It is a thought provoking film with contemporary issues..Surely dis film will create some Awareness 2 audience About Cyber Crimes&usage of http://Internet.It 's decent attempt by @VishalKOfficial &team Top Notch Performance by @akarjunofficial sir, @VishalKOfficial and @Samanthaprabhu2 as usual looking Gorgeous in her Role. Well Attempt by Debutant @Psmithran ...., Congrats team #Abhimanyudu @VffVishal

PuvvalaVirat‏ @PuvvalaVirat

#Abhimanyudu movie is more like a teaching how can our data can be used in all possible ways. Should be a lesson for all the ppl who blindly give away permissions to shady apps and info to tele callers. Average watch but ppl with 0 tech skill should catch this movie. OKAY WATCH!

Sreenu Duddi‏ @PRDuddiSreenu

Abba #Abhimanyudu what a story...We saw nuclear war...Bio war....But this is about cyber war.... hattsoff to the director #psmithran for giving such a gripping & burning story.... @VishalKOfficial @VffVishal @Samanthaprabhu2 @akarjunofficial

Sukesh Potla‏ @OfficialSukesh

@Samanthaprabhu2 is impressive and lived in her role with natu ral performance. Hat-trick Hit for her after Rangasthalam and Mahanati. #Abhimanyudu Action King @akarjunofficial is Terrific in his role. He delivered one of his finest performances in this film. #Abhimanyudu is a wake-up call for everyone in this Digital era. Kudos to @VishalKOfficial for backing such subject as a Producer and Hero. Debut Director @Psmithran has handled the the subject very well. He took a serious problem which is needed to be addressed and narrated it engagingly with right dose of Action and Emotion. #Abhimanyudu will alert everyone using smartphone.

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#Abhimanyudu First Half Report: So far so good. A very well researched edge of the seat thriller by @Psmithran @VishalKOfficial as tough army officer gave a very subtle but impactful performance. First half ended with a terrific interval block

Sanghamitra‏ @Sanghamitra4u

#Abhimanyudu aka #irumbuthirai Damn good..what an intense cyber thriller..Hearing good reports all over the Telugu states..Congratulations to the entire team for the stupendous success @VishalKOfficial @VffVishal @akarjunofficial @Samanthaprabhu2