Bharat Bandh
The Opposition parties have called a Bharat Bandh over demonetisation on Monday, November 28. [Representational image]IBTimes/Arkadev Ghoshal

The demonetisation issue has united the Opposition parties in criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had announced the move on November 8. A fortnight later, they are looking to extract all possible political mileage from the decision. This, even as Modi has asked for people's opinion about the move on his app

Not content with disrupting the proceedings in both Houses of Parliament during the ongoing Winter session, the Opposition parties have now called for a Bharat Bandh — a strike across India that is expected to bring everything except the bare essential services to a standstill — on Monday, November 28. 

Because it has been called on a Monday, the bandh is expected to be near-total, with the common man only too happy to extend the weekend by a day. Interestingly, people on social media seem entirely opposed to the nationwide strike. However, certain sections within the Opposition parties are likely to resort to various avenues to "help" people express their anger. 

Here are 10 ways you can ensure that you are well prepared for eventualities on Monday: 

1. Essential commodities: Make sure you have enough food material other daily-need items stocked for the day. Do not hoard them, or you may be creating an artificial shortage.

2. Money: Make sure you have enough cash with you to spend in cases of emergency. Again, do not hoard the cash. 

3. Other daily needs: Anticipate other things you need to do, because your maid, gardener or other people who render daily service may not be able to venture out of their homes on Monday.

4. Check with office on holiday: If you are a working professional, check with your office if they have declared a holiday. If not, check whether you can work from home.

5. Venturing out: If you have to venture out under any circumstances, try to take someone along. Like, if you must go to office, try car-pooling with some people. Individuals in vehicles can be common targets for miscreants. Also, try not to rely on public transport, as they may not work on Monday.

6. Keep your vehicle safe: If you own a vehicle, keep it in a safe spot. Unattended vehicles can also be easy targets for miscreants.

7. Travelling long distance: If you have a bus, train or flight to catch on the day, make sure you have a taxi booked well in advance. While most buses may not ply that day — check with your bus company or make alternate arrangements — trains and flights are expected to remain largely unaffected. Ensure you leave home well in advance, taking into consideration situations that may delay you. 

8. Do not schedule servicing or maintenance work: A plumber or electrician may not work on Monday, because they are unable to leave home. If you have such an appointment that day, reschedule it to an earlier or later date. 

9. Keep track of local events: This is especially important if you have to venture out. Knowing which road is blocked and which one is free can make a huge difference. 

10. Keep emergency numbers handy: Make sure you know how to summon the police, the ambulance, the fire department and the likes when you need them the most.