kolkata police isis

Four suspected ISIS men, including three Bangladesh nationals, have been arrested by Kolkata Police's Special Task Force. The arrests took place late on Monday when Mohammad Rahman and Mamour Rashid were taken from the parking lot of the Sealdah railway station. The police found jihadi texts and literature and mobile phones containing photos and videos. They were Bangladesh nationals.

The other two accused, Mohammad Sahin Alam, the third Bangladeshi national, and Robuil Islam, an Indian, were arrested near the Howrah railway station. They were also allegedly in possession of Jihadi literature.

Upon interrogation, the police discovered that the three Bangladesh nationals were on the run from their country's authorities and trying to escape arrest. They took refuge in India and began working to recruit members for the organisation as well as to raise funds.

Robiul Islam also helped the three Bangladesh nationals in recruiting and fundraising.

A popular way of propagating their ideologies was through social media where they uploaded documents of their literature and jihadi booklets.

India Today reports that the four men aim to eradicate democracy from India and Bangladesh and establish Sharia law.