Amazon creates mini rainforest for its employees

Amazon has built an unusual new workspace for its employees by replicating a rainforest in giant glass domes in Seattle. The workspace is aimed at giving employees the opportunity to relax and think creatively. 24 days ago

Amazon Go: New cashier-less grocery store opens in Seattle

Amazon has launched a grocery store of the future with no checkout lines, no cashiers and no cash transactions. A row of gates restrict entry to only customers with the Amazon App on their phone. Shoppers can scan their phone, grab what they want and walk right out of the store. Jan 23, 2018

First ever tagging of Amazon dolphins to boost conservation

For the first time ever, WWF and research partners are tracking river dolphins in the Amazon using satellite technology. Scientists successfully tagged 10 river dolphins in Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia, hoping to gain an insight into the populations and habits of river dolphins in the worlds largest river. Dec 5, 2017