Watch disturbing moment Afghan asylum seeker is slapped by UK immigration officer

A video has emerged showing an airline passenger being restrained by an immigration officer. The man was on board the Turkish Airlines flight from London Heathrow to Istanbul. He can be heard saying that he is an Afghani asylum seeker being deported to Afghanistan. Ahtzaz Ali, who recorded the video, said the man became agitated before the flight took off. He reported the man was slapped and pushed by the officer before being removed from the flight. The cabin crew attempted to stop Ali from recording the incident, he says.  A Home Office spokesman said it did not comment on individual cases. Jun 18, 2017

Taliban claim multiple attacks in Afghan capital Kabul

Afghan Taliban militants said they attacked police, military and intelligence targets in Kabul on 1 March, as security officials confirmed attacks in at least two areas of the city. Gunfire and explosions rang out as reports of running street battles in western Kabul as security forces clashed with an unknown number of attackers. Mar 1, 2017