Bolivian glaciers melt threatens 2.3m people

A new study published in The Cyrosphere has found that Bolivian glaciers shrank by 43% between 1986 and 2014 and will continue to due so if temperatures continue to increase. This puts water supplies in the region at risk,as irrigation drinking water and hydropwer could affect up to 2.3 million inhabitants. 3 days ago

The tilt of the Sun could be caused by undiscovered Planet 9

The undiscovered Planet Nine could be responsible for the unusual six-degree tilt of the Sun, according to a new study. The suggestions is that the large planet, 10 times the size of Earth, may be adding a wobble to the solar system which gives the appearance that the sun is titled slightly. 3 days ago

Typhoon Haima slams the Philippines just days after Typhoon Sarika killed 3

A second deadly storm has returned to the Philippines this week as the country was pummeled by Typhoon Haima with torrential rains and wind, leaving at least four dead. Earlier, Typhoon Sarika caused heavy flooding in parts of the country. The typhoon raised fears that Haima could be on par with the devastating Typhoon Haiyan that battered the Philippines in 2013. 3 days ago

Chinas manned Shenzhou 11 spacecraft has successfully docked with its space lab

Two astronauts, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, have entered the lab to begin a 30-day stay, spending a total of 33 days in space, the longest yet for China. Advancing Chinas space programme is a priority for Beijing, aiming to have a more permanent space station and the possibility for manned trips to the Moon and Mars as well as operating the worlds largest radio telescope. 4 days ago