How to make a sugar snake

The MEL Chemistry boxes let you experiment with simple chemical reactions.The sets are meant to excite children about chemistry.Using a pile of sugar and baking soda, children can create a burning sugar snake.Having mixed baking soda (NaHCO3 ) and sugar to a ratio of 4:1, the powder can then be set alight using solid fuel.The snake starts to grow and, in some cases, can get up to 50cm long. 5 days ago

Video shows the breakup of Pine Island Glacier

In 2015, a 225-square-mile iceberg broke off of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica, and researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered that the event was no ordinary breakup. The culprit: a deep subsurface rift that cracked through the ice nearly 20 miles inland – a sign that the largest ice reserve in the world may be melting sooner rather than later. 5 days ago