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Drone footage supposedly shows Isis fighter using child as human shield

The Iraqi Federal Police shared a drone video on 29 March, allegedly showing an Isis fighter using a child as a human shield. Amid reports of increasing casualties in the assault of Mosul by Iraqi forces, a United Nations report cited the use of civilians as human shields by Islamic State. Although the source cannot be independently verified, the source has been providing regular accurate accounts of fighting from within the city of Mosul for a long period. 9 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S8: Online reaction

Samsung is back in the smartphone game after the calamitous and explosive Galaxy Note 7, as they have launched their new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S8 and S8+. With all the drama of their last phone release, and the fierce competition form the Apple iPhone, IBTimes UK has a look at Twitters reaction. 10 hours ago

Activist performs powerful haka at petroleum protest in New Zealand

A protester has performed a stirring rendition of the haka, soaking his body in black oil as he demonstrated against a petroleum conference in New Plymouth, New Zealand on 22 March. Greenpeace staged a sit-in at the TSB Showplace , where the New Zealand Petroleum Conference 2017 was held, causing event delays and blocking parts of the street, 14 hours ago

Bizarre asteroid goes around the sun and Jupiter the wrong way

An asteroid discovered in 2015 and nicknamed Bee-Zed is unique. It has an opposite, retrograde orbit around the sun while at the same time sharing a planets orbital space. Yet, it has managed to avoid collision with Jupiter and other planets for a million years. 14 hours ago

Viking toy boat sheds light on ancient Norwegian culture

A carved wooden toy boat has been unearthed in a well in Central Norway. It dates back to 1,000 years ago and looks like a Viking ship, with a hole left in the middle to raise a mast. The find is exciting for archaeologists because it provides new clues about the community that lived in the region at the time and their culture. 14 hours ago

Protester tears apart Quran at Toronto-area school board meeting

A school board meeting in Ontario, Canada, on 22 March was disrupted by protesters yelling Islamophobic statements as one man tore pages from a copy of the Quran. Around 80 protesters attended the school board meeting to campaign against a 20-year Peel District School Board that provides Muslim students space and time to pray on Fridays. School board officials collected the remains of the Quran and reached out to local Imams for advice on what to do with it. 14 hours ago

Watch awkward moment Bastian Schweinsteiger is asked about Chicago Fires World Cup chances

There was a brief moment of confusion for Bastian Schweinsteiger on 29 March, during his introduction to his new team Chicago Fire. The German midfielder was asked by a reporter if he felt the Fire might make it to the World Cup now he was in the squad. Chicago, a huge sports town for ice hockey, football, basketball and baseball is known for its sports fanatics but maybe Major League Soccer knowledge has not quite hit its stride in the Windy City. 14 hours ago

Angela Merkel aiming to cushion Brexit impact on Germans in UK

Germanys Merkel says she is relying on fair Brexit negotiations and calls for all sides to protect the everyday lives of EU citizens living in Great Britain.Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is relying on fair Brexit negotiations and calls for all sides to protect the everyday lives of EU citizens living in Great Britain. 15 hours ago

Outrageously transphobic moments in films and TV

Trans representation on-screen is now improving – but there have been setbacks. From Friends to Family Guy, here are some of the most outrageous moments of transphobia ever seen in mainstream TV and films. 15 hours ago

French election 2017: What you need to know

The French elections will take place across April and May with two rounds, and they are the biggest test for Europe since the British Referendum of June 2016. Will there be a liberal insurgency or a far-right takeover?  16 hours ago

Footage shows the aftermath of head-on collision in Texas that killed 13

Thirteen people have died after a church bus carrying elderly members collided head-on with a large pickup truck in Texas on Wednesday (29 March). The crash took place outside Garner State Park in northern Uvalde County about 130km west of San Antonio. The First Baptist Church of New Braunfels, Texas, confirmed on its Facebook page that 13 of the 14 occupants of the bus had died and the lone survivor was in serious but stable condition. 17 hours ago