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New species of seadragon captured on film for the first time

For the first time, biologists have captured footage of a new species of seadragon – the ruby phycodurus – alive in the wild. Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, captured the footage off the coast of Western Australia in April 2016. 12 hours ago

The last man on the moon dies aged 82

Former US astronaut Eugene Cernan has died, surrounded by family, aged 82. Cernan was one of the first men to go on a spacewalk and, in 1972, was the last astronaut to walk on the moon. Cernan and fellow Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt became members of the most exclusive club in the universe on 11 December 1972. 17 hours ago

Severed heads and decapitated bodies found in Mexico

Six heads have been found on a car roof, with the decapitated bodies inside as well as four other bodies in an unrelated incident. The murders are said to be related to rows between drug gangs. 18 hours ago

Man in China arrested after flying drone right next to a landing aeroplane

A man has been arrested after flying DJI Mavic Pro drone extremely close to a landing plane and posting the video online. The video has been posted publicly by Chinese news agencies as a warning to the original uploader, pointing out that the video breaks the law. The case is being investigated. 18 hours ago

Massive alligator casually strolls across tourists pasth at nature reserve

A massive alligator was spotted walking across an open pathway a few feet away from passers-by at a wildlife preservation centre near Lakeland, Florida, over the weekend.Video footage captured by Kim Joiner, a visitor at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, shows the gator slowly sauntering across the cleared pathway, stunning nearby observers by its sheer size. 18 hours ago

New Years Eve Reina nightclub attacker arrested in Istanbul

The gunman who killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub on New Years Day has been caught in Istanbul, media reports say. On Monday (16 January), Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the mass shooting was carried out professionally with the involvement of an intelligence organisation and not just a terrorist organisations act. 19 hours ago

Chinese New Year explained

On 28 January, the year of the rooster will be begin, and millions will celebrate the Chinese New Year. But what is the festival that is observed worldwide? 1 day ago

Who are the world’s eight richest people?

Eight of the worlds richest individuals own as much wealth as the worlds poorest 3.6 billion people, an Oxfam report has revealed as top executives, financiers, politicians and the super-rich gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forums (WEF) annual meeting. The gap between the rich and the poor was branded obscene by the anti-poverty group, which also called for a step towards an alternative human economy that meets the needs of both the planet and its people. So who are the people holding this amount of wealth? 1 day ago

At least five people shot dead at BPM music festival in Mexico

At least five people were shot dead and nine others wounded at a nightclub in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in the early hours of 16 January. The BPM music festival is dance music event, with an after-party hosted at the Blue Parrot nightclub. The video shows a person lying in the street, with people fleeing down the street or hiding behind tables and chairs. The festival organisers said that three members of the BPM security team lost their lives while trying to protect those inside the venue. 1 day ago

Police officer swerves to avoid overturning truck

Dramatic dash cam footage captured the moment a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper was forced to swerve, avoiding a truck that had jackknifed across the interstate into oncoming traffic. On 15 January, freezing rains battered parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, leading to two people being killed in separate car accidents, as well as a 20 car pileup in Wichita. 1 day ago

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: I will declare martial law if I want to. Nobody can stop me

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on 15 January that he will declare martial law if the drug problem worsens. Duterte has led a brutal war on drugs since he took office, with an estimated 6,000 people being killed in the anti-drug campaign in police operations and unexplained killings by suspected vigilantes. The Philippines endured a decade of martial law from the early 1970s, and memories of campaigns to restore democracy and protect human rights are fresh in the minds of many people. 1 day ago

India cricket captain Virat Kohli hails outstanding win over England

Magnificent tons by captain Virat Kohli and batsman Kedar Jadhav help India chase down a mammoth 350 runs in the first one-day match against England in the western city of Pune on Sunday 15 January. The hosts crossed the line with three wickets in hand after Kohli and Jadhav struck 122 and 120, taking a 1-0 lead in the three match series. After a disastrous outing in the test format last month, England started the second leg of their Indian tour on a strong note with a win against Indias second string team in a one-day warm-up match. However, they lost the second warm-up match. 1 day ago