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Bodycam footage allegedly shows Baltimore police officers planting drugs

An investigation is under way after body camera footage from a Baltimore police officer appears to show officers planting evidence and then acting for the camera as if it is a new discovery.In a press conference, Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis said that the department was investigating the video and that one officer had his powers suspended while two others had been put on administrative duty.Davis said that the investigation is also considering whether the officers in fact replaced drugs that they had already discovered in order to document their discovery with their body worn cameras on.The charges were dropped in the case involving the body camera footage. 2 hours ago

CCTV appeal after unprovoked stabbing in south London

Police are investigating a stabbing in Brixton on May 4 after a group of men assaulted and stabbed a 29-year-old as he walked his friend to her car after a show at the 02 Academy. The victim was pulled into the road by the group, and stabbed multiple times, before running away and taking nothing from the victim.  2 hours ago

Former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls rescued after waterfall accident

British actor Paul Nicholls has been rescued from a remote jungle waterfall on Thailands holiday island of Koh Samui after falling into a rock pool during a solo hike. The 38-year-old man, best known for acting in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, spent three days lying below the Khun Si waterfall with a broken leg before he was found on 13 July. 2 hours ago

Despacito has just become the most streamed song ever

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankees Despacito is now the most streamed song of all time, accumulating more than 4.6 billion streams across all platforms. If a person has to listen to the song that many times consecutively, it would take 42,592 years. The original Spanish-language music video is also the fastest to reach 2 billion views on YouTube, doing so in just 154 days. Despacito, which means slowly in English, is known for its catchy tune and sexy lyrics. 3 hours ago

Chipotle under scrutiny for food safety

Chipotle is under scrutiny for food safety again. At least 13 customers have fallen ill due to a norovirus outbreak in Sterling, Virginia. The company has temporarily closed the location but says this was an isolated incident and that the restaurant was going to reopen Tuesday after the place was sanitized. Stock prices for the restaurant chain fell 7.6 percent mid-afternoon Tuesday.  3 hours ago

Frozen bodies of Swiss couple missing for 75 years found on Alps glacier

These dead bodies found in a Swiss glacier finally solved a 75 year old mystery. In 1942, a Swiss couple set out across a glacier to feed cows. They never came back, leaving the couples village wondering what happened. Now the answer surfaced. A ski resort worker stumbled upon the two bodies in the western Alps. The bodies are frozen in ice and dressed in well-preserved clothes from the World War II era. After a DNA testing, Switzerland police has confirmed that the bodies are the missing couple. The evidence they found suggested that the couple had been killed in an accident. 3 hours ago

Watch emotional family moment as foster children get great surprise from Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Foster parents Tom and Courtney Gilmour had the best news to give to their children at Walt Disney World Florida earlier in April. They took the help of Mickey Mouse himself to announce their adoption date. As soon as the kids get to know the news, they burst into tears of joy. The video of the children has gone viral since it was shared on Facebook earlier this month. The children arrived at their foster parents house in Pennsylvania three years ago. Courtney said she shared the video hoping it draws attention to the foster care system. She believes the video would serve its purpose if at least one family gets involved in helping foster children. 7 hours ago

The complete footage leading to miniskirt-wearing models arrest an Saudi Arabia

As the world waits to learn the fate of the Saudi Arabian miniskirt-wearing model Khulood, who is currently being held by police in Riyadh, IBTimes UK has collated all of the Snapchat footage that could cost her her freedom.Seen together, the clips tell the story of a young woman enjoying a day out with a friend, not bothering anyone, wearing what she wants. 1 day ago

Two airlifted to safety as cascading floods hit Coverack in Cornwall after thunderstorm

Flash flooding sent water rushing through the streets after severe thunderstorms hit the Cornish village of Coverack on Tuesday, July 18.An elderly couple was rescued from the roof of a house. According to the Mullion Fire Station, firefighters from Mullion and Cornwall Fire and Rescue worked together with the coastguard to airlift the couple from the roof of their home, after they had become trapped by the floods. 1 day ago

Malala condemns China over death of fellow Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai on July 18 condemned Chinas treatment of her fellow peace prize-winner Liu Xiaobo following his death from liver cancer in custody last week. Liu, 61, was jailed for 11 years in 2009 for inciting subversion of state power after he helped write a petition known as Charter 08 calling for sweeping political reforms in China. 1 day ago