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David Cassidy, 1970s teen heartthrob, dies at age 67

David Cassidy, the former teen pop culture idol who starred on the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family and had a handful of pop hits, has died, days after reports surfaced that he was suffering organ failure. He was 67 and suffered from dementia, complicated by liver and kidney shut-downs. Cassidy had been hospitalized in Florida. 3 hours ago

Twitter suggests pardoning Trump Jr instead of turkey

In anticipation for the White Houses 70th anniversary turkey pardoning, the White House asked twitter which chosen turkeys the administration should pardon. Twitter had the best responses based on the ongoing Russian collusion probe affecting many of President Trumps closest associates. 8 hours ago

Rep. John Conyers slams Trump on anti-immigrant ideology

Rep. John Conyers criticizes President Donald Trumps immigration policy. The House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation against its; longest-serving member concerning allegations that he fired a former female staffer after she turning down his sexual advances. 8 hours ago

How Mohammed bin Salman is revolutionizing Saudi Arabia

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is revolutionizing Saudi Arabia. He has created a bold vision for the countrys economy, and given women the right to drive. However, he is also consolidating power and has arrested a number of people who threaten to stand in his way. 18 hours ago

Men convicted of cruelty after shooting rat out of pipe with air compressor

Three men have been convicted of animal cruelty after they filmed themselves shooting a rat out of a pipe with an air compressor. The footage shows the men forcing the rat into the pipe and firing it out like a cannonball over the top of a nearby building. Each man has been ordered to carry out 180 hours a week of unpaid work under a community order sentence. 23 hours ago

Impeach Trump billboards go up in Times Square

A campaign to impeach President Donald Trump has taken to New Yorks Times Square to call for action. Californian businessman Tom Steyer has funded the Need to Impeach campaign that has posted a billboard up in the middle of Times Square to promote his campaign to impeach the president of the United States. 23 hours ago

Fox hunter seen whipping activist with riding crop

Footage has emerged of a fox hunter whipping a protester with a riding crop. The activists, called the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, intervened during the hunt and successfully prevented any foxes from being killed. 1 day ago

Teenage boys plead guilty to reckless train surfing stunt

The British Transport Police have published a clip of reckless train surfing stunt posted online by two teenage boys.The teenagers climbed in between trains travelling through Brentwood, Essex.They pleaded guilty to endangering the safety of a person conveyed by the railway. 1 day ago

Massive suspected gas line fire burns in Michigan

A huge fire erupted on the outskirts of Auburn Hills, Michigan, late on Monday (20 November). The Oakland County Sheriffs Department said the blaze started at a gas main, local media reports said. The fire prompted local police to issue a mandatory evacuation order for several city blocks. 1 day ago

How decentralisation is changing the game

In a decentralised world there is no longer that central entity that commands and controls a network. Instead of governments issuing and managing our identities, we can take more ownership of our own identities and how theyre used. We are building the tools, the products, and the technical services that will enable us to be owners of our own data and identities. 1 day ago