Khodorkovsky flies to Germany after release

Russia's most famous prisoner and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Friday walked out of jail after more than 10 years behind bars, immediately flying to Germany following his surprise pardon by President Vladimir Putin. Dec 20, 2013

India rolls out its first self-made light fighter aircraft-Tejas

Bangalore, Dec 20 (ANI): India's locally made lighter supersonic combat aircraft, Tejas, on Friday got official clearance as the country moves a step closer towards joining the club of elite countries, capable of manufacturing such aircrafts, and gradually phasing out its ageing fleet of Russian fighters. Dec 20, 2013

Narendra Modi blames Congress for poverty in India

Varanasi, Dec 20 (ANI): BJP's Prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi blamed the Congress for poverty, adding that the party destroyed the country. Addressing a public rally on Friday in Varanasi, Modi stated that the nation was ruled by one family for past 45 years and it was responsible for poverty. Taking a jibe at the Congress party, Modi added that a tea-seller can also become the prime minister of the country. Dec 20, 2013

Salman Khurshid hopeful of solution to defuse diplomatic spat with US

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): Foreign Minister, Salman Khurshid on Friday said that India is hopeful of a solution to end the ongoing diplomatic spat with US that escalated tensions between the two countries. Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade stands accused in New York of fraudulently obtaining a work visa for her housekeeper and paying a fraction of the minimum wage. Khurshid said that it is important for India and the US to preserve their diplomatic relationship and find a logical solution to the issue. Dec 20, 2013

1111 couples tie the knot in Nigeria mass wedding

A total of 1,111 Muslim couples tied the knot at a mass wedding on Thursday in Nigeria's second largest city of Kano as part of a government to prome stable families. Divorcees and widows were paired up with suitors in a match-making program. Dec 20, 2013

London theatre roof collapse injures 76

Investigators were seeking Friday to establish why the ceiling of a packed London theatre collapsed, injuring 76 people and coating terrified audience members with rubble. Dec 20, 2013


Srinagar city, Dec 20 (ANI): Kashmir came alive with a big cinematic extravaganza, as it hosts the first-ever Kashmir International Film Festival (KIFF) post insurgency. Documentaries from across the globe hit the big screen of Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Center located on the banks of the famed Dal Lake in Srinagar city, which is hosting its first-ever international film festival in more than 23 years. The fest was being held after a lull of more than two decades in the valley since the eruption of militancy in 1990. The theatres remained shut following a diktat by of separatist's outfits in the region. The screening of movies was once again halted in early 2000 after grenade attacks inside the hall premises.Twenty-three films, including some based on the history and culture of Kashmir, were enthralling the audiences in the region. Short films from countries like Germany, Afghanistan, France, and Pakistan besides the ones made by Kashmiri youths were being screened at the four-day long festival. Dec 20, 2013


Kochi, Dec 20 (ANI): Folklore musicians, 'Vayali Folklore Troupe' enthralled the audience as they played near-extinct original folk songs on entirely handmade bamboo percussion instruments in India's southern Kochi city. The troupe from Thrissur district in Kerala is now gaining popularity and is known as the "Bamboo Band" locally and is receiving calls to conduct such shows in public for entertainment and special functions. The instruments for the bamboo orchestra are hand-designed, given its final form at Kattappana in Iduki district of Kerala and the raw material is procured from the pristine hills of Wayanad. In the orchestra, the flute is the lead instrument. Among other instruments are Mulam Chenda, Mulam Thudi and Mazha Mooli. The team has come up with innovative instruments as well, an example being a five-drum set, The cylindrical instruments are characteristic of the African 'Conga'. The drumhead is a calf-skin cover fastened with strings of rope while the base is left open and struck with bare hands.The annual event is being organised by the Kerala State Bamboo Mission of the Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion under the Department of Commerce and Industry. Dec 20, 2013

AAP on Arvinder Singh Lovely's remark

New Delhi, Dec 20 (ANI): The AAP on Friday stated it is not indulging in any war of words with any political party but has a proper action plan, after Congress Delhi president Arvinder Singh Lovely said that the AAP should not test the patience of Congress. The party also said that it is a new inning to see political transformation in a new way. Dec 20, 2013