Brazil unveils mascots for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

The Rio Olympic Games have their mascots: a yellow feline animal representing Brazil's rich fauna and wildlife, and a blue and green creature with its head covered in leaves for the Paralympics. Duration: 00:51 Nov 25, 2014

Madagascar working to contain plague outbreak

Madagascar said Monday it is trying to contain an outbreak of plague -- similar to the Black Death that swept Medieval Europe -- that has killed 40 people and is spreading to the capital Antananarivo. Duration: 00:42 Nov 25, 2014

Nigerian court strikes out charges against Abuja bomb suspect

Nigerian court strikes out the terrorism related charges against an alleged mastermind of a bus station blast in Nyanya, an outskirt of the capital city of Abuja. But Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche remains in custody and could yet face trial. Duration: 00:51 Nov 25, 2014

Nigeria security agents raid opposition office

Nigeria's main opposition party claimed that security agents had ransacked its office in Lagos, arresting workers and seizing documents, in the latest flare-up before elections in February. Duration: 01:04 Nov 25, 2014

Red Panda cubs explore the Bratislava Zoo

Four-month old Red Panda twins Pim and Pam still rely on their mother for breast milk at the Bratislava Zoo in Slovakia, but the precocious cubs have begun to branch out to solid foods, as well. Duration: 00:41 Nov 25, 2014

US Defense Secretary Hagel tenders his resignation

US President Barack Obama announced Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's resignation on Monday after criticism of the campaigns in Afghanistan and against the Islamic State group. Duration: 00:54 Nov 25, 2014