Salman Khan, Zareen Khan
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Salman Khan, at 53, is still living his life as a singleton after breaking up with his past girlfriends like Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. He has always stressed that he is waiting for the right girl to get married. Soon after parting ways with Katrina, Salman launched Zareen Khan in his 2010 film Veer and his fans believed that there's something cooking between the two. And guess what, Zareen recently revealed that Salman fans had even started calling her 'Bhabhi' at one point of time.

As rumours and Bollywood celebrities go hand-in-hand, the Hate Story 3 actress was recently asked to spread a fun rumour about herself. And she replied to ETimes saying, "A fun rumour I would like to spread is that Salman Khan is getting married to me."

So when Zareen was again asked to elaborate her answer, she said that there could be no better rumour than this one and went on to reveal that Salman fans stopped calling her Bhabhi after they saw her in a bold avatar in Hate Story 3.

"Well, most of those comments stopped after I did Hate Story (laughs!). Thank God for that!" Zareen Khan told Bombay Times in an interview.

And she concluded saying that that's the best part of being an actor as the public perception changes with every film.