Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
Salman Khan and Katrina KaifTwitter

There's a reason why Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif always manage to grab eyeballs. The ex-lovers may have failed to maintain their relationship in the past but the two have now become friends for life. Their admiration for each other reflects perfectly through their actions. And yet again, Salman floored everyone when he cheered for Katrina like a crazy animal at the at the India International Film Academy (IIFA) awards last night, in Mumbai.

In a video that is now being circulated on social media, shows Salman seated in the front row besides ace choreographer Shiamak Davar waiting to watch Katrina perform live on stage. And the moment, the host announces Katrina's name, Salman jumped out from his seat and shouted Katrina's name at the top of his lungs marinating it with loud claps.

There hasn't been any public platform where Salman had refrained from praising and showing his affection towards Katrina. And even Katrina has reciprocated his feelings whenever she was asked about her unmatched bond with Salman.

A few days ago, Katrina had opened up about her equation with Salman, and said that he has always been there for her unfailingly and intuitively.

"There have been moments where I was going through a particularly rough time in my life; a struggle, and with no contact, all of a sudden, our paths would just cross, and he would be there," Katrina had said.

And that's what everyone saw Salman going out of his way to cheer for Katrina at the IIFA awards ceremony. Take a look.