In one of the most positive occurrences in recent times, Roman Reigns returned to Monday Night Raw and announced to the WWE universe that he has successfully put his leukaemia into remission. This announcement was met with immense glee and happiness prompting the rumour mills to go into overdrive predicting the Samoan's roadmap till WrestleMania.

Reigns opened the February 25 show of Raw and thanked the fans for being the best in the world. Reigns then went on to make the announcement, "The good news is I'm in remission you'll. So with that being said, 'The Big Dog is back!' So before I go -- I'll probably say this a whole bunch more times -- but I'll say it one last time. Thank you so much you'll. I love you'll."

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns WrestleMania 33 highlights

The former Shield member was not done for the night as he came back to the ring, along with Seth Rollins, to rescue their former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose from an ambush. In that segment, Reigns threw around one "Superman Punch" after another like he had never left. The "Big Dog" wrapped things up with a trademark "spear" on Drew McIntyre.

This may well have sown the seeds for his first match since his return. It is being reported in several media outlets that WWE has more or less confirmed a Shield reunion in the upcoming pay-per-view, Fastlane. Here, they will most likely take on Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and McIntyre. This match may also be an eight-man tag team match with Braun Strowman joining the good guys and Elias the bad guys.

But the bigger story is Reigns' opponent going into WrestleMania and it might well be his poster-boy predecessor John Cena. Cena is now only a part-time wrestler in the WWE and last appeared on television before the Royal Rumble. He was slated to be a part of the Royal Rumble match but had to pull out at the eleventh hour due to an injury.

Despite his part-time status, Cena has been a regular at the "showcase of the immortals" and faced the Undertaker in 2018. Cena is currently busy with his Hollywood commitments but it is being reported that these commitments will be over in time for a wrestling return at WrestleMania.

Happy birthday John Cena
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Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Vince McMahon will be licking his lips at a potential bout between his two favourite wrestlers across two generations. Reigns and Cena had fought on pay-per-view once before but a match between the pair at WrestleMania could possibly steal the show and ensure its success.

Roman Reigns has been confirmed to appear on the March 4 episode of Raw.