Dean Ambrose, who has been a former WWE champion, has not been handled well by the universe in the recent rosters. In a recent announcement, it was made clear that Ambrose has not signed a contract extension and could quit WWE at the end of April.

Now after the return of Roman Reigns, there are strong hints that he could well persuade Ambrose to stay back. According to The Wrestling Observer, Reigns was not aware of the contract arrangements, but when informed about the same about a fan, he responded: "I'll take care of that."

Ambrose to unite with Roman Reigns

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Roman ReignsWikimedia Commons / Miguel Discart

Reigns, who has shared a cordial relationship with Ambrose, could well change the course of the development and if the storylines are aligned, Ambrose could well stay back and extend his contract.

As per the latest development, The Shield's reunion has been released via a teaser which could well see the reunion of the Shield at Fastlane. This would also allow Ambrose to get his character back on track.

It should be mentioned here that both the superstars have been friends since their debut back in 2012 and October. Owing to Reigns' sudden departure owing to Leukemia, Ambrose was left stranded which could have forced him not extend his contract.

In a separate development, Reigns' opponent at Wrestlemania 35 could well be John Cena as WWE are still trying to figure out a high-voltage clash on his comeback. There are "with multiple options on the table" according to WWE reports.

As things stand right now, the main events for this year will likely either be the RAW Women's Championship match featuring Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and then it could possibly feature Becky Lynch, or the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins.

After his grand comeback, Roman Reigns could be one of the marquee attractions at WrestleMania and hence, WWE is looking around with full earnest for a worthy opponent to match the befitting 'The Grandest Stage of Them All'.