Dean Ambrose has occupied WWE universe over the past week. WWE have now issued a statement saying that the superstar will not be renewing his contract after the conclusion of WrestleMania 35.

With the AEW fast emerging as a lucrative alternative to WWE as far as far as the pro wrestling universe is concerned, the departure of Ambrose is pretty much certain. Latest reports have dropped a hint that he is expected to get a face turn before his eventual departure.

Final farewell or change in roles?

Dean Ambrose
Here is a picture of Dean Ambrose.WWE Website

Ambrose, despite being the most active in the recent live event in Canada, Saskatoon as a babyface, took the final pin against Bobby Lashley who walked away with the title. This could well be a great indication that Ambrose would have a face turn on WWE TV.  

It is no secret that WWE faithfuls who flock the house often are at their vocal best cheering for the heels, who are fan favourties and as of now, Ambrose falls into that list. The decison, thus could well be to allow him to work as a babyface on the house show circuit. 

What the latest development could also mean that the WWE could portray Ambrose as a face which could be their last ditch effort to convince him to stay or it could be a way to give him a perfect farewell.

In another report, there is an all-out war brewing between WWE and All Elite Wrestling to snap up AJ Styles. His WWE contract is expected to come up anytime soon and now there are reports filtering in that AEW is very interested in recruiting Styles. 

However, Styles has himself said that although he has not signed the contract, negotiations are on and the deal will see the light of the day sooner rather than later.