Mark Ruffalo has been the latest Hollywood celebrity who has urged US President Joe Biden to call a ceasefire amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict that has struck worldwide. "Please @JoeBiden please join the world community and bipartisan leaders here in calling for a #CeasefireNOW in the ongoing, deadly and meaningless conflict happening in Israel and Palestine. The world needs your leadership," Ruffalo wrote in one tweet. 

"Dear @JoeBiden please make a definitive call for a #CeasefireNOW! The youth are asking," he wrote in another. 

Mark Ruffalo Joe Biden

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has extended his support to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the country's right to defend itself against rocket strikes. The President urged him to ensure the protection of civilians as they discussed Israel's military's progress against Hamas in Gaza. US Vice President, Kamala Harris too has unequivocally supported Israel along with other nations such as France, Germany, Italy, Hungary. 

Hollywood weighs in on Israel-Palestine conflict

Mark Ruffalo had been one of the influential figures from Hollywood who had funded Biden-Harris's election campaign in 2020 and urged his followers on social media to not vote for former US Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Most of the cast members from Avengers, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, had expressed their support for Joe Biden in 2020 during the election session. At present, Mark Ruffalo has been the only celebrity from the team of Avengers who has directly requested the President to ceasefire. 

Gal Gadot Wonder WOman

Other Hollywood figures namely Gal Gadot, Rihanna received backlashes from netizens on social media for taking a neutral stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and not showing direct support to the Palestinian victims of the war.