A day after Hema Malini took a jibe at Rakhi Sawant, the celebrated personlity has shot back at the actress in her own style. Rakhi has said that she will indeed contest the 2024 elections but against whom, that she would reveal later. This comes a day after Hema Malini belittled Sawant in an interaction.

Rakhi Sawant, Hema Malini
Rakhi Sawant, Hema MaliniInstagram

Hema Malini's jibe

The Dream Girl of Bollywood had strongly reacted to the reports of Kangana Ranaut reportedly gearing up to contest elections from Mathura. Malini said that even Rakhi might contest as per the trends. "Good, it is good...what can I say about my opinion? My opinion is only up to God. You only want film stars in Mathura. If someone else wants to become an MP, you will not let him become because according to you only a film star should become MP from Mathura. Tomorrow, even Rakhi Sawant will become," NDTV quoted her saying.

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi SawantInstagram

What Rakhi Sawant has now said

And now, Rakhi has shot back at the actress with a fierce announcement. Sawant has added that she has been serving the country since childhood and will continue to do so. "I would like to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji for putting the great responsibility on my shoulders and considering me worthy of this. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of contesting the election as Hema Malini Ji has already announced," Sawant said.

Hema Malini
Hema Malini

She also added, "As far as I am concerned, I have been serving society from childhood itself. I was born to serve the country only and I want to serve it. When our Prime Minister can become the PM by making tea, then why can't I be a CM after working in Bollywood?"

Rakhi concluded declaring, "Definitely, I will and I need the best wishes of you all. So, I will be contesting the 2024 elections, but against whom it will be a surprise."