Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's wedding rumours have been doing the rounds of late. While fans are extremely excited to know if the buzz is true, an astrologer has predicted the future of the two lovebirds, which, however, is not a pleasant one.

Ranveer and Deepika have reportedly been dating each other for quite some time. There are a lot of speculations being made regarding their marriage date and venue, etc. The two always look extremely happy in each other's company, and they certainly make a great match.

However, according to an astrologer, their relationship might not last long. In an astrological prediction published in GaneshaSpeaks.com, it has been said that the power couple is likely to face a lot of hardships in their relationship and marriage.

It stated that being prone to jealousy and possessiveness, the relationship may find it difficult to sustain in future. However, it also said that Deepika and Ranveer can make it work if they both equally nurture the relationship together.

Read the full prediction here:

"Ganesha, with the help of Indian Vedic Astrological System, analyses the fortunes of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone relationship that seems to have stirred the public imagination. Read on!

As per the universal Zodiac, the Zodiac Sign Libra indicates personal unions. In other words, this Sign stands for marriage, conjugal and related matters. In the case of Ranveer and Deepika, note that there is a heavy affliction in Libra Sign (refer the comparative chart). Ranveer has Ketu and retrograde Saturn posited in the Zodiac Sign Libra – both of these are separative planets by nature. On the other hand, Deepika has Ketu and Mars in her Libra Sign! Ketu is 'Mangalvat', as per Vedic Astrology, which means that Ketu acts like Mars, it possesses Mars like strength. This combination in Deepika's Chart heats up the 7th house of Personal Union. Thus, overall both these individuals may have a very strong personality in love and marriage, and may also see some struggle in this area.

Also, Ranveer's Mars in Gemini opposes Deepika's Venus in Sagittarius. Venus is the significator of love and marriage. Plus, there is Sun to Sun opposition in both the Horoscopes – it is here, we can easily argue that opposites attract! Well, that's true, but just 'attraction' cannot promise a successful union. And, the other planetary combinations do not indicate much substance.

Thus, considering all the astrological factors explained above, Ganesha really doubts the sustainability of this particular relationship. Even if this looks a pretty promising relationship at present, the couple may have a rocky relationship in the future. A very careful handling of this relationship will be required, if it has to continue. Both of the individuals are strong minded, and will have to nurture the relationship a lot (and equally), so that it doesn't take a wrong turn.

After studying the planetary positions explained above, Ganesha feels that Ranveer Singh and Deepika will be good as friends. However, as lovers there may be quite a few differences between both of them. Ranveer's Mars opposing Deepika's Venus although indicates attraction, the relationship can be prone to possessiveness and jealousy. Ranveer's retrograde Saturn falling on Deepika's Mars and Ketu in Libra can also bring some hurdles in relationship. This factor may not bless them with a long and lasting relationship, unless both of them are ready to work pretty hard to maintain their relationship."

Well, predictions often prove to be wrong, and we wish Deepika and Ranveer's romance continues forever.