In a shocking piece of news, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has issued new threats to Salman Khan. Bishnoi, who is lodged in Bhatinda jail, wants the actor to apologise for killing the blackbuck. He has vowed to break Salman's ego and has added that there is anger in his mind for the actor since childhood. He has asked Khan to apologise or face consequences.

Salman Khan was on gangster Lawrence Bishnoi's KILL list once

Lawrence threatens the actor

"There is anger in our society for Salman Khan. He humiliated my society. A case was filed against him but he did not apologise. If he does not tender an apology, be ready to face the consequences. I will not depend on anyone else," Bishnoi told ABP news. He also added, "There is anger in my mind for him since childhood. Will break his ego sooner or later. He should come to our deity's temple and apologise. If our society forgives, then I will not say anything."

Salman's security cover

Salman Khan and his father, Salim Khan had received a threat letter last year. The letter warned them of meeting the same fate as Sidhu Moosewala. Salman was reportedly given a Y+ security cover post his complaint and even given a firearm license. There were reports that the Bishnoi gang members had tried to befriend Salman's house helps and staff last year.

Salman Khan, Sampat Nehra, sharpshooter of Lawrence Bishnoi gang
Salman Khan, Sampat Nehra, sharpshooter of Lawrence Bishnoi gangAFP/GettyImages/ANI

What went down last year

"They took stock of Salman Khan's farmhouse, saw the road access, noted the speed limit at which the vehicle would move in and out due to the potholes on roads. They posed as Salman Khan's fans and tried to befriend the staff of his house so that they could know the timings of his entry and exit and the people who accompany him," Special Commissioner of Police, Dhaliwal had said.