Esha Deol's wedding with husband Bharat Takhtani was nothing less than a dreamy affair. From joyous rituals, lavish decorations, grand outfits to happy faces all around; everything about the wedding was perfect to the T. And it wasn't just Esha who was making heads turn at her own wedding. Mother Hema Malini had also proved that she doesn't get called the 'Dreamgirl' of the industry for nothing!

Unfortunately, from whatever videos and photos we could see of the gala ceremony, we didn't get to see Dharmendra as much as Hema Malini. Though there were few photos and videos where we saw Dharmendra getting emotional and looking at his daughter with moist eyes, we would have loved to see some more of this daughter-father bonding on the wedding day.

Dharmendra, Esha Deol, Hema Malini
Dharmendra, Esha Deol, Hema MaliniInstagram

However, as per reports, there was a reason behind Dharmendra being so low-key and Hema being so active at the wedding. For starters, the mother of the bride had done all the preparations herself with little to no help from others.

From flowers, menu, decor, clothes to just about everything was decided by Hema Malini herself. The veteran actress, who had been waiting for this day for a long time, wanted to be involved and immersed in each and every aspect of the wedding to make it perfect. And she did!

Reason behind Dharmendra's absence

On the other hand, there were two reasons that made Dharmendra stay a little away from the limelight. The first was his health. The actor has aged well and couldn't take as much stress and be as involved as his better half.

The second reason was Dharmendra's emotional fatherly side. Dharmendra's love and possessiveness for his daughters his quite well-known and the actor found it difficult to bear the thought of his daughter leaving. Hence, he chose to watch and enjoy everything from the sidelines than getting busy with other things.

Bharat and Esha have been married for eight years now and the couple has two lovely children – Radhya and Miraya.