Bollywood's 'He Man' Dharmendra was known for wearing his heart on his sleeves. While his films were creating magic at the big screen, on the sets, heroines found it difficult to stay away from his charisma. Several actresses of that era were in awe of the star. Even after he got married to Hema Malini, women used to go weak in the knees seeing him.

Dharmendra had battled many odds and faced strong warning from the industry, when he decided to marry Hema Malini, leaving his first wife, Prakash Kaur behind him. The fact that he had two grown up sons, which he was ready to sideline to be with Hema, further irked many. However, nothing could come in between him and the 'dreamgirl'. All was going fine between the two, until, Anita Raj came into the picture.

Anita Raj, Dharmendra, Hema Malini
Anita Raj, Dharmendra, Hema Malini

Anita Raj – Dharmendra

Anita Raj was a hit actress and director's favourite too. Dharmendra and Anita were seen in several films together and their chemistry lit up the big screen. It was during this time that Dharmendra became a bit too friendly with Anita, which raised several eyebrows. He had even started recommending her to several directors.

Hema Malini's ire

Soon, his family and Hema Malini got a whiff of the whole situation. The entire family came together to take a stern stand on Dharmendra's ways. And soon, both Anita and Dharmendra distanced themselves from each-other.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra
Hema Malini and DharmendraInstagram

Hema's take on Prakash Kaur

Rediff had cited excerpts from the book Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl by Ram Kamal Mukherjee where Hema had spoken about her equation with Dharmendra's first wife. "I didn't want to disturb anyone. I am happy with whatever Dharamji did for me and my daughters. He played the role of a father like any father would do. I guess I am happy with that." At the launch of the book, Hema had said, "Everyone wonders what kind of a relationship we (Sunny and I) are having. It is very beautiful and cordial. Whenever it is necessary he (Sunny) is always there, along with Dharamji, especially when this accident happened. He (Sunny) was the first person to come and see me at home and he saw that the right doctor is there for the stitches that were done on my face. I was really taken aback to see him showing so much interest. That shows what kind of a relationship we are having."