Prince William's wife Kate Middleton is a native of Bucklebury, a village in West Berkshire. Residents of this village have always been proud of the fact that Britain's royal and mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte hails from this community. Nevertheless, when local artiste Marnie Moyle crafted two gate posts commemorating Kate Middleton's royal wedding to Prince William, the natives had mixed reactions.

The oak posts are fitted with plaques that read: "Welcome through one of the historic gates of Bucklebury. To commemorate the wedding of Catherine and William XXIX. IV. MMXI". On top of the posts sit "intricate acorn carvings" which, according to People Magazine, is seen on the Duchess of Cambridge's family crest. But this work of art has outraged some residents.

Although the reason for their disgruntled reaction is not yet known, several locals have said there was uproar in the village. "They had only been up five minutes and the village was in total uproar. There have been coffee meetings about them and lots of plotting in the local pubs," the website quoted one local as saying.

Nevertheless, Hartley Russell, owner of the Bucklebury Estate, defended the gate posts saying it is a fitting commemoration of the royal wedding that took place in 2011.

"The gateposts are environmentally sensitive and fit into the surrounding landscape, being the entrance to one of the oldest avenues in England," he said.