Kate Middleton and Prince William's privacy is threatened yet again. The latest reports claim that the Duchess of Cambridge is panicking that her deep, dark secrets will be doling out of the closet as her personal diaries have been stolen in her English countryside home. On the other hand, Prince William fears for his wife's safety.

According to the latest royal rumour, Kate is "terrified" because her personal diaries have mysteriously disappeared and now, the mother-of-two is apparently panicking that her deepest secrets including "sex life" might be soon doing the rounds on the web.

The diary is described as "10 volumes of Kate's deepest secrets" and is allegedly filled with intimate secrets about Kate's past boyfriends and how she felt when Prince William dumped her. Gossip Cop (via National Enquirer) has also reported that the diary contains details about how she's jealous of Prince William's former girlfriends and all her thoughts about the royal family, including Beatrice and Eugenie and Camilla Parker Bowles.

The report claimed that Duchess of Cambridge had shown this diary only to a couple of girlfriends and even when Prince William tried to take a look at it, she apparently snatched it from him.

But, at the same time, the website has denied these allegations and has stated that a royal source has assured them that the claim about Kate Middleton and her diaries is "not accurate."

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Prince William is concerned about Kate Middleton's safety and is demanding Queen Elizabeth reduce his wife's royal responsibilities.

Apparently, the Prince's fears have been triggered after British Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that two months ago there had been an alarming terrorist plot to wipe out the Royal family, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. According to the report, the Duke of Cambridge thinks that the security that his family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte gets is not enough.

So, in order to protect his family, Prince William has reportedly requested Queen Elizabeth to keep the Duchess of Cambridge's royal appearances to a minimum. The report also said that in the wake of these security issues, there's a possibility that all of the royal couple's vacations and visits outside the United Kingdom may get cancelled.