Kate Middleton and Prince William relationship has always been surrounded by various rumours. Their relationship has been in the spotlight ever since they decided to tie the knot as Kate is the first non-royal to have married and become the member of the British royal family.

First their love story, and now their marriage is making headlines. Though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for a while now, the divorce rumours suggest that the couple is having marital issues.

Amidst all the third pregnancy and divorce rumours, the latest royal rumour has indeed questioned the basis of Prince William-Kate Middleton's marriage, by claiming that the mother-of-two actually cheated her way into the royal family.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate Middleton schemed to marry Prince William to become the Duchess of Cambridge. And now, after securing her position in the monarchy by giving birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate is back to her Middleton ways and is continuing her "royal revolution" by breaking all royal protocols, the reports stated.

The report also said that before Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge she had to go through intense training to fit the royal standards. From the way she walks, talks, acts and how she holds her cup of tea -- Prince William's wife was "brainwashed" to meet the standards of the Queen. And during all this, Prince William apparently, not only supported Kate, but also insisted that the Middletons get involved in the royal family.

This is when, the report claims, that Carole Middleton started a royal revolution. In fact, after Prince George's birth, Kate's mom allegedly took over their home Anmer Hall and provided the young Prince with middle class influence. But the Middletons were reminded by the Queen to keep off the royal family and its protocols.

But now, the report, while pointing out Kate Middleton's appearance in a sheer dress at the world premiere of 'Spectre' in London, has suggested that Kate continues with this royal revolution and has apparently been sending several messages about how she can't do away with her Middleton ways.

Now, we don't know whether Duchess of Cambridge schemed and plotted, but it definitely has got royal watchers thinking about the basis of Kate Middleton-Prince William marriage.