Kate Middleton and Prince William have kept their promise of sharing official photos of their two kids — Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Kensington Palace released photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge showing her second child happily playing, on Sunday.

Princess Charlotte and her cuteness was all over the web on Sunday as her photographs, showing her laughing and cuddling a dog toy went viral online. The two photos have been taken by Kate Middleton at their family home Anmer Hall in Norfolk early in November.

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had released an official letter requesting media organisations not to publish unauthorised photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George as they wanted to protect the royal kids from harassment and surveillance by paparazzi photographers. And promised that the Palace would release official photographs as and when.

Well, it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton have kept their promise and to save the paparazzi trouble, the Duchess of Cambridge herself decided to get behind the camera and capture a few happy moments of Princess Charlotte.

Twitter/ Kensington Palace

This is not the first time when Duchess of Cambridge turned into a photographer. A couple of months ago, Kate Middleton had captured some cute and adorable moments where Prince George is seen kissing his younger sister in his lap. That was the first official portrait (series of four informal photographs) of Princess Charlotte since her birth on 2 May.

Back then, the buzz went wild that the royal couple had ignored the traditional protocol of appointing an established portrait photographer and how could the Duchess take the shots. But many other reports also brought out that Kate Middleton is an amateur photographer and has studied photography as part of her history of art degree at St Andrews University.

And now, Kate Middleton has done it again. And this time around, she has taken two shots of Princess Charlotte alone where the royal daughter is seen sitting in an armchair with her toys, howling with laughter.

A look at the photos and you are sure to recognise the most striking features that she has taken from her parents. In one of the two pictures where Princess Charlotte is looking past the camera, one can easily make out that the daughter has the face of her father Prince William and a smile, just like her mother's.

Well, it looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William are enjoying parenthood.