Manoj Tiwari
The President of BJP wing in Delhi, Manoj Tiwari attended BJP's Vijay Sampark rally in Delhi wearing Indian military uniformTwitter

Ever since the India and Pakistan struck into each other's territories on February 26, the political parties are accusing each other of trying to win votes by leveraging the air strikes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself criticized all the opposition parties for catering to Pakistan's sentiments by questioning India's pre-emptive air strikes on the terror base camps in Pakistan. 

Notably, Congress and other opposition leaders including Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have sought explanations from the BJP led government over air strikes on February 27 especially when international media has been negating India's claims of any damage or casualties as a result of the attack.

Recently, the BJP President of Delhi and senior leader, Manoj Tiwari attended a public rally in New Delhi on March 2 while wearing the Indian Army uniform, which led the opposition to launch an attack on the BJP ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool Congress MP and senior leader, Derek O brien called Manjoj Tiwari's act of wearing Army uniform as a a matter of shame.

Mnaoj Tiwari defended his camouflage attire by saying that his wearing militrary uniform is a token of love for the Army and soldiers.

"I wore the uniform simply because I was feeling proud of the armed forces and wanted to express the solidarity with our soldiers," Tiwari wrote on his Twitter after his act invited sharp criticism.

Earlier, BJP's Karnataka President and Former Chief Minister BS Yedyurappa also invited criticism by saying that the IAF strikes on Pakistanby the Indian government will help BJP win 22 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He had also said that air strikes have created a wave of nationalism in favour of PM Modi and the youth of the country cannot wait to elect him as the Prime Minister again.

BS Yeddyurappa
In picture: Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa addresses Dalits in Chitradurga on Friday, May 19, 2017.Twitter/BS Yeddyurappa

Yedyurappa's comments were even quoted by the Pakistan media and in the Pakistani parliament while attacking Narendra Modi's government for using air strikes as a tool to win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.