Mari Lopez and Liz Johnson.
Mari Lopez (L) and Liz Johnson.YouTube screenshot.

Going vegan is probably one of the most popular trends these days. And the craze to go on a cleanse aside, the lifestyle also gets promoted widely with its enthusiasts advocating for its multiple health benefits.

Along those very lines, as shocking as it might sound – Mari Lopez from Houston, Texas, had shared with thousands of viewers of her food channel that going on a 90-day juice cleanse ever since being diagnosed with breast cancer, had lead to remission.

Sadly, Mari passed away in December 2017, and her niece and co-runner of the channel, Liz Johnson shared that it was from a relapse of the disease.

After being diagnosed in 2015, Mari had shared that she had rejected traditional treatment for the disease, and taken up a juice cleanse – something that within just four months of starting, had stalled the cancer. She claimed that cutting out all animal products from her diet and God, had 'healed' her of her 'gay lifestyle'.

Liz Johnson and Mari Lopez.
Liz Johnson (L) and Mari Lopez.YouTube screenshot.

Mari isn't the only person to have credited vegan lifestyle and clean eating for cancer remission properties. A while ago, Rob Mooberry from Las Vegas had made similar claims about how going on a vegan diet had reduced his cancer by 80 percent.

But the remission didn't last as a permanent cure as the disease managed to spread to her blood, liver and lungs. Even attempts to try chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed this time around, as Liz shared.

But speaking to Babe, Liz also mentioned that she holds her mother responsible for Mari's relapse, as she fed her meat and microwaved food – something which Liz believes was the cause behind it all.

While there is no scientific evidence to support Liz's claims, she backs herself up, spilling that when her aunt had started living with her mum, the latter started almost insisting that she needed to eat meat – and even feeding her burgers and microwaved meat.

Liz Johnson.
Liz Johnson.YouTube screenshot.

This is something that led to Mari's health worsening, believes Liz. As things started going downhill, Mari had even asked Liz to take down the content off their YouTube channel, which had videos titled 'stage 4 cancer healed by juicing' and a juice recipe called 'the cancer killer'.

But a persistent Liz refused to do so as she believed her aunt wouldn't have had to undergo the relapse, and survived, had she stuck to her juice-based diet. "I still agree with the message, completely," she said.

"I would agree with it and I still go behind that message. You have your spiritual side and your physical side that work together to improve you as a whole. That's the message."