going vegan is the cure for Cancer
Rob Mooberry with his wife, Amanda and twins (L) beat stage 4 cancer by going on an all clean raw vegan diet (R).Instagram/mandymu11 | Instagram/ journey._to._recovery

This just in: going on a vegan diet might just be the new cure for cancer, as was proven by the story of Rob Mooberry – a father of two, who was given just weeks to live but has now ended up beating stage 4 colorectal cancer after switching to a vegan diet.

The 43-year-old told Daily Mail Online about his journey, starting from July 2012, when he was hospitalised with a perforated colon. The scans then had found cancer, which had spread to his bowels, lymph nodes and liver.

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The Las Vegan bartender underwent a colostomy bag put in, followed by an ileostomy and then two bouts of chemo and radiation therapy.

However, the surgeries and the first round of treatment could downgrade his cancer up to only stage 3A, which is what prompted him to go on a detox to rid his body of all the chemicals before starting more treatment, as he couldn't take it anymore.

Rob started the plant-based balanced diet in November 2012. Known as the alkaline diet – which is quite similar to Tom Brady's diet – Rob took up the habit with his vegetarian wife, Amanda, following research that showed sugars and processed food fuelled tumours.

Surprisingly enough, his next scan in early 2013 showed that his cancer had been reduced by almost 80 percent. And now, he's celebrating five years of being cancer free, while raising almost two-year-old twins and also running a cancer charity side by side.

His story went viral after country singer Tim McGraw tweeted about him.

But Rob doesn't claim himself to be a hardcore vegan-maniac. "I'm not standing on my soap box saying everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan," he told Daily Mail Online. "But if you're going to ask me what worked for me, I'll tell you: this diet."

Rob also goes on to talk about his utter shock upon discovering the diagnosis, considering he had always been a healthy person his entire life up till that point. And as for the treatment, with the chemo and radiation, he recounts the experience as "horrible."

"I had to take time off work, I had no energy, I felt sick," he recalls. "That kind of medicine puts so many chemicals in your body." However, from the moment of his diagnosis, he was persistent about eating clean.

His transition into veganism was spurred by his wife, Amanda, of course. Yet, he says, "first I wasn't all raw and vegan, it was just vegetarian. To be honest, it was easier for us to just cook one meal rather than two, so being plant-based was straight-forward."

"But when I finished chemo, the oncologists were saying I would need to do more straight away and I really didn't want to. I needed to heal. That's when I knew I needed to do anything to beat this cancer. I was really willing to try anything to save my life. That's when I went hard-core raw, vegan, superfoods."

Researching detox diets of a particular cancer treatment centre in Tijuana, Mexico, Rob discovered that a lot of their prescribed diet consisted of cutting out all acidity and sugars from his diet, including red meat and dairy.

"I went back in for my CT scan in early 2013, and everything had changed," Rob shared. His cancer had shrunk by 80 percent. He declined wanting to continue with further treatments and by 2014, there was no trace of cancer left in him."

Yet rob still believes that instead of blindly following veganism as their cue, other fellow cancer patients should always educate themselves about their options and consider a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.