After Safoora Zafar was granted bail by the Delhi High Court, Komal Sharma is trending at the third spot on the Twitter chart with netizens asking about her whereabouts.

Safoora Zafar, a member of the Jamia Coordination Committee, was arrested on April 10 under an anti-terror law, the UAPA in connection with the Delhi violence case in February. She was 20 weeks pregnant at the moment. There was a lot of hue and cry over the denial of her bail. After 74 days, the Delhi High Court granted bail on humanitarian grounds on Tuesday, June 23.

Komal Sharma
Komal SharmaPhotos taken from social media

The news about the bail has delighted the admirers and supports of Safoora Zafar. But some of them were upset that the police and court are biased towards her. They say that Komal Sharma, who is the masked persons, who went on a rampage inside the JNU, is still roaming free.

The left-wing activists, who feel Delhi Police adopted double standards, have already trolled the government over not arresting Komal Sharma for some time. They are at it again on the day, Safoora Zafar was granted bail. They started trending the question 'where is Komal Sharma on Twitter today. Her name is trending at the third spot.

Here are the tweets of some people, who are asking Where is Komal Sharma?

Captain Haddock @Kaptaan_Haddock

A pregnant woman had to fight for her bail but Komal Sharma is still roaming free. Where the fuck is Komal Sharma??

Tanvi @aimhighitlow

Safoora zafar has been granted bail, but charges have not been dropped, and she is not allowed to protest. on the other hand, komal sharma has not faced any persecution yet. today is a beautiful day for @DelhiPolice to do their job.


Safoora was innocent but still arrested just becoz she belonged to muslim community & raised voiced against fascist modi regime. Criminals were Kapil Mishra, Komal sharma who are still roaming free inspite of hving the evidence. Learn the difference.

Rabiyahhh. @peaceandsitam

Safoora zargar has been released after 74 days. She spent 103680 days in jail. My question being where is komal sharma? Oh Sorry, tell me how's life?

Shash @smdsanghi

if i was rich I'd just put a prize amount on details that could lead to the exact location of Komal Sharma

Tauseef @2sf4u

Delhi HC grants bail to pregnant Safoora Zargar in Delhi violence case after SG Tushar Mehta did not oppose it on humanitarian ground. Alhamdulillah Now where is Komal Sharma?

Pranshu @asli_pransh

Sanghi court finally did some good. Now arrest komal sharma