'Miscarriage of justice' -- termed netizens after the Delhi Police applied different sets of laws for Safoora Zargar and Komal Sharma. Twitterati urged the police to release pregnant Safoora and arrest Komal immediately.

Jamia Millia Islamia student Safoora Zargar was arrested on April 13 under the charges of organising an anti-CAA protest, blocking roads near the Jafrabad Metro station in the national capital on February 22 and 23. She was sent to Tihar Jail under the charges of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act). Now, she is in her second trimester of pregnancy and her husband has just been allowed to talk to her twice.

Safoora Zargar
Safoora ZargarTwitter

Safoora Zargar was 13 weeks pregnant when she was arrested on April 13. Her counsel had recently sought bail, claiming that she has been falsely implicated and was not named in the FIR. However, her bail application was rejected. She is outspoken, courageous, and a bright student and she is confident of coming out of this mess with a clean hand. But, her family and friends are worried about her health.

While her family is fighting for her release, Safoora Zargar has been trolled on Twitter and multiple false claims about her marriage and pregnancy have been circulated on social media. Meanwhile, the supporters of activist Safoora Zargar say that hate-mongers like Kapil Mishra who incited riots are free, but she is arrested under fake charges and kept in jail.

Komal Sharma
Komal SharmaTwitter

Some of them are even asking about why Komal Sharma is not yet arrested. She has been one among the masked, armed goons, who attacked JNU campus, beat up teachers and students, destroyed property four months ago. Her act was caught on camera and there is ample proof for her crime. Where Is Komal Sharma? And why she has not been arrested by the Delhi Police even after four months.

Some of Safoora Zargar's supporters took to Twitter to hurl their anger against the Delhi Police. They said that the police have different sets of laws for the people of different faiths. They have given the privilege of no arrest to Komal Sharma for being a Hindu and sent Safoora Zargar to Tihar jail for being Muslim. Hashtags like #Persecution_Of_Indian_Muslims and #सफूरा_जरगर_मेरी_बहन_है are trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Asma @asmatasleem11

It's a miscarriage of Justice Different set of laws for the people of different faiths Where is Komal Sharma? no arrest Is that a privilege to be a Hindu? #Safoora_Zargar in the Tihar jail confinement. Is that a crime to be a Muslim in India #ReleaseJMIPeople

Sohail Khan @SohailK20956458

I am asking with @DelhiPolice You have arrested a pregnant women #SafooraZargar On fake charges . when will you arrest Komal Sharma , you don't even have to fake charges in this case ? #Persecution_Of_Indian_Muslims #सफूरा_जरगर_मेरी_बहन_है

Kashif Saudagar @saudagar_kashif

Despite photographic and video evidences, ríoter Komal Sharma is roaming free, while a 3-months pregnant Safoora is languishing in Tihar jail which can endanger her and her unborn baby's life. #सफूरा_जरगर_मेरी_बहन_है

Shamsuddin Ali @ShamsuddinAli14

It is a matter of great shame that the real criminal Komal Sharma is roaming freely, and who was innocent, has been put in jail by false accusations. #IndianDaughterSafoora #Persecution_Of_Indian_Muslims

Danish @DanishS90569807

She is innocent girl because of she belongs #RSSTerrorists organisation. But she is main accused in JNU violence. She is denied involve in JNU campus. And Muslim activist girl is often accused in non violence protest. Delhi police protect main accused like komal sharma

Anjali @anjali_0004

Hey, Delhi Police you have arrested a pregnant woman Safoora Zargar on fake charges. When will you arrest Komal Sharma, you don't even have to fake charges in this case? #IndianDaughterSafoora #Persecution_Of_Indian_Muslims #IndianDaughterSafoora