Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika Mandanna.Rashmika Mandanna Twitter Page

Popular Telugu actress Rashmika Mandanna was left blushing when a cute little boy sent a marriage proposal to her. The video featuring the boy proposing to her is going viral on social media.

Rashmika Mandanna won millions of hearts with her cute looks and killer expressions in her debut Kannada movie Kirik Party. She forayed into Tollywood with Naga Shaurya's Chalo which gave her a much-needed break in the industry. Her sparkling chemistry with Vijay Devarakonda in Geetha Govindam took her very high in the popularity graph and she amassed a huge amount of male followers.

Today, Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most sought after actresses in both Telugu as well as Kannada films. The actress is quite active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where she often responds to the interesting posts made by her followers. She was at it on Tuesday, February 19, when one of her fans shared a proposal video. The fan named Praveen captioned the clip, "No No.....!!! I marry only Rashmika...."

In the video, Praveen is seen asking a kid about who he wants to marry to which the little boy replies saying he wants inkem inkem girl Rashmika Mandanna. Praveen argues that he wants to wed her and asks him to choose another girl. The kid names Samantha Akkineni and Praveen says she is already married. Then the boy says that he wants Rashmika only.

Rashmika Mandanna watched the video and she was impressed with this cute conversation. She retweeted Praveen's post and wrote, "Awwwnannu pelli cheskuntava? aiyooo naku full shy happening.. so cute! too much love to you little man.. mwahs xoxo:"

However, Rashmika Mandanna was initially engaged to marry Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty but she parted her ways from him saying that she wanted to focus on her acting career. While most of her followers were impressed with her reply, a few could not stop taking a dig at her saying she will break up with the boy too.