ITV's Victoria season 2 premiered on this Sunday and fans felt cheated as Rufus Sewell's character Lord Melbourne was missing in action. The first episode of season 2 shows Jenna Coleman's Queen Victoria struggling to balance between her new role as a mother and her royal duties.

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It is confirmed that Lord M will return in the second season. But his return might spark tension between Queen and her husband Prince Albert.

ITV's Victoria series
ITV's Victoria seriesYoutube Screenshot

Lord Melbourne aka Lord M is Queen Victoria's confidante, former Prime Minister, and her first love as well. We have seen a very young Victoria falling head over the heels for Lord M. So his return might spell trouble for her marriage.

Victoria show creator Daisy Goodwin confirmed the return of the 49-year-old actor. She told the heart throb of the show will certainly be back for more episodes.

"Victoria calls upon him," actress Jenna Coleman told Metro. "I think she finds herself in a place where she needs a father figure, something familiar, something that she sees as safe. She's feeling slightly lost, I think, and navigates towards him for counsel."

Victoria season 2 premieres on August 27 at 9.05 pm on ITV (UK). The royal drama will later be available on PBS for all the US viewers.